5 Reasons Why Your Client Needs You to Charge What You're Worth

Most consultants get anxiety attacks when it comes to talking about money with potential clients. 

While it is important for you to address your own underlying issues for why it is hard for you to ask for equitable compensation for your worth, have you considered the significance to YOUR client that you do ask for your worth?

If you are a consultant, you are a change agent. Your proposal reflects so much more than simply an offer for work in exchange for fees. It is in fact the moment of truth for a client who is considering making an important change. When you stand in and ask for your worth, you are not just putting yourself in a position to make money. You are providing your client an opportunity to put their money where their mouths are for something that have deemed important.

So, let me share with you why your client NEEDS you to ask for your worth:

  1. Agreeing to work with a consultant or coach is a sign of commitment to change. When they sign on the dotted line, they are...
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5 Things to Remember When Pricing Your Consulting

2 - land clients Dec 23, 2020

If you struggle with determining how to set a price for your consulting services, don’t worry you are not alone. It’s a real challenge for those of us who get paid for our knowledge and insight to come up with the EXACT RIGHT AMOUNT TO CHARGE that both honors our expertise and is fair and reasonable to our clients.

To help you master the art and science of pricing consulting services, let me share with you 5 Guiding Principles:

    1. Pricing is not a separate activity you to do earn money for your consulting. It is an integral part of your consulting offer. You establish your brand with potential clients through your marketing messages, how you interact with them, what work you pitch for them and how you frame that work as well as what you charge AND how you charge. Therefore, your pricing strategy is an essential aspect and extension of your consulting brand.
    2. Fee ranges are project driven NOT market driven. It doesn’t matter what others out there are...
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How to Trust Your Gut and Find Your Path to Success with Kelly Collins-Lintz


This just in: doing what everyone expects of you is OUT, doing what what makes you happy is IN.

Kelly Collins-Lintz – actress of both film and movies, blogger, writer, momager (her kids are also in the acting biz on shows like Bosch, the Walking Dead, and Under the Dome) says “listening to your gut is the best way to create your own path to success,” and this woman knows what she is talking about!

From the time she was small, Kelly was one of those people who loved to entertain and encourage others. She got her start as a professional actress when she was working for a non-profit organization and doing a bit of commercial work along the side. After hearing that still small voice that she attributes to God, she took the leap into full-time acting and landed roles in productions like One Tree Hill, Gifted, We are the Millers and many other roles. Her children followed her into the business and have found great success in shows like the Walking Dead and Bosch.


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How to Maximize Your Impact by Creating an Online Course with Christy Ogilvie


"OMG - could anything else go wrong?" 

You know the feeling I'm talking about - the one that describes 2020 perfectly.

When consultant and trainer Christy Ogilvie's business dried up because of the pandemic, she flipped this question around and started to ask, "OMG - could I be doing anything else to make my business grow even stronger?" and got to work creating her first online course.

At first, her goal was to provide a virtual alternative to her live programs that she offered to financial services firms wanting to turn their lukewarm clients into raving fans. But once she got into the process, she discovered that she now has the pathway to grow her business way behind the Chicago area where she now lives to companies and industries all around the world!

In the face of what could have been the end of her business has created unlimited opportunities, which is energizing not just from a profit standpoint but also in terms of motivation and excitement. 

If you're in the...

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Want to Start a Consulting Business? 10 Reasons Why You Should!

This year marked my official 10 year anniversary of starting my own consulting business. It was back in 2010 when I officially launched my website and grew my consulting business from $0-$300,000 in the first 18 months.

Sounds exciting, right? I got a vision, had the courage to pursue it, and "Bam!" It was raining clients and money. That's the public story...

...Now let me tell you my REAL business launch story.

My REAL Business Launch Story

First off, I didn't leave my dream job at Disney to start my own business

I left Disney for two reasons.

One reason was because I had two small kids at home. My youngest was two about turn three and this was my last chance to be a more present mom.

The second and bigger reason was the discontent that took root in me when my Dad died of lung cancer way too young.

When he was in the end stages, I flew weekly back and forth between Orlando where I lived, and Chicago where he lived. That Tim McGraw song “Live Like You Were Dying”...

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Anyone Can Succeed - Celebrating 15 Years of Consulting Business Success with Dan Weedin


Bosses, colleagues and friends all questioned the wisdom of quitting his high-paying job and steady paycheck for the unknowns of starting his own consulting business.

After over 15 years of consistent and growing success - they now understand exactly why he did it. 

Dan Weedin is an author, speaker, consultant, coach, podcaster and founder of Toro Consulting, a firm that specializes in small business growth, particularly in the insurance/risk business. 

Dan is also a dear friend whom I have had the privilege of watching him turn his many ideas into profitable reality. He is an action-oriented visionary who deeply cares about people. 

Dan's path to the success that he enjoys today wasn't always a straight shot. He had some ideas that worked...and some that didn't. But sets him apart from his peers is that no matter what, he JUST. KEPT. GOING. 

You're going to hear a lot of actionable idea and inspiration from Dan in this interview that I did with him about his...

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Laid off from work? Here's what to do next...

There is nothing more gut-wrenching than after investing years in a company and a career than getting laid off from work

Your mind gets that it's not about you. You understand the business rationale and the economic conditions that led your company make this decision that is completely changing your life. 

But your heart...that's a whole different story. Unproductive questions about what you could have done differently and fears about the unknown are keeping you at up at night.

Let me give you the clarity that your anxious heart and mind needs: a solid plan for moving forward.

Step 1: Take a Beat and Process What Happened to You

The truth is your layoff is not what it seems to be. On the surface, it may seem to be about how you got blindsided with an unexpected, unwanted job loss. On a deeper level, it's a moment and opportunity to live into your purpose in a stronger way.

You can look at layoff as a crisis or as a wakeup call and invitation towards...

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How Much Does Starting a Consulting Business and Coaching Business Cost?


Thinking about starting your own consulting business or coaching business and want to know exactly what it'll cost to make that happen and keep it running?

Then you're going to LOVE this week's tutorial video.

I asked my partner Jen Hamilton - our community Chief Operating Officer to be my guest today and share all the deets on the what you'll need and how much it all costs so that you can plan in advance for both the startup and ongoing costs.

As you watch this video, here's what I would love you to consider. Yes, there are some costs with business ownership in terms of tangible costs that Jen is going to share and in terms of psychic costs of stepping into the unknown.

But don't forget the benefits of having control over your career, time and earning power. Think about how your life will transform when you have work that you love with the ability to set your own schedule.

Bottom-line - be smart. Be strategic. And stay inspired about the difference that your consulting and/or...

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5 Steps to Strategically Positioning Your Consulting


Are you tired of the endless chase for small-paying consulting gigs? Are you so over those labor intensive projects that keep you as busy as you were when you were an employee? Do you want to stop under-valuing yourself through sub-contracting with other consultants and take your place as a sought-after advisor to the C-Suite?

Then you're going to love this tutorial video because it will reveal to what the true purpose is for the consultant's role and how to fulfill your potential in this role.

The truth is - becoming a sought-after advisor isn't a matter of luck or even talent. It's a consequence of an intentional positioning strategy, which I will explain to you in this video.


Betsy Jordyn: It's Betsy Jordyn. If you're a consultant who's just starting out or been at it for a while and you want to either avoid or get out of that extra pair of hands, trading time for money trap. I am so excited to share with you my secret strategies around how you position yourself as a...

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Want to Conduct Organizational Assessments? Here's How to Get Started


You can look at the role of a consultant as someone who simply provides solutions to enhance leadership and business results. 

Or you can see the role through a more meaningful lens as someone who comes alongside senior executives in order to speak truth to power and influence decisions that benefit the entire system.

To fulfill either of those roles - you need one thing: an ability to conduct organizational assessments.

  • Assessments provide your clients clarity into what is working, what is not working and most importantly why. This clarity empowers them to invest their time and money in solving the right problems and the right way.
  • Assessments provide you the positioning you need to be seen as a strategic partner (and not an extra "pair of hands".) The insight you glean through interviews and focus groups provide you an independent and outside point of view - one of the key reasons why executives hire consultants in the first place.
  • AND assessments give you the data you need...
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