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Transform Setbacks into Success: Building Business Resilience with Richard Citrin

heart & mindset mastery inspiring interviews & case studies May 23, 2024

How Business Resilience Turns Setbacks into Opportunities

Growing a consulting or coaching business can be stressful and full of setbacks.

Between learning how to build a brand and market yourself, while juggling clients and projects, it can feel overwhelming.

Putting yourself out there with content, social media posting, and asking for referrals that lead to nowhere can feel discouraging.

BUT….what if setbacks can actually fuel your lasting success?

Today, I got Richard Citrin on the Enough Already podcast.

He’s a business psychologist, author, speaker, and an amazing human oozing with a zest for life, despite the personal struggles he has had to overcome. He got his start as an organizational consultant and resilience expert after working with the 9/11 heroes and first responders and has helped organizations such as FedEx and Goodyear to thrive because of overcoming adversity.

There are lots of consultants and coaches talking about resilience and how business leaders can stay adaptable in a volatile, uncertain world. But Richard’s perspective about business resilience is so much more than stress management and even bouncing back from adversity.

His perspective is all about bouncing FORWARD and embracing the stress, disappointments, failures, and just the pain of being human as catalysts for significant, substantial, and long-term growth.

When you tune into this episode, you will learn how to:

  • Flip the script on setbacks from something to avoid TO something to embrace as a key growth catalyst.
  • Stop judging yourself when you try something, and it doesn’t work the way you wanted. Instead, you’ll lean into the experience with curiosity and courage.
  • Use setbacks as stepping stones to greater success, strength, and business resilience that spills over into every other aspect of your life.
  • Plan ahead to sidestep wasting time and money on what doesn’t work or reduce stress if you can’t avoid short-term failure.
  • Avoid the isolation that compounds the shame when things don’t work out and choose the right people who can help you bounce forward.

Before you put resilience in a neat little box labeled “toughing it out”, try out a new label of “growth and evolution.”


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