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Get instant access to my favorite tools to help you create a business and brand that you and your clients love. Learn how to find your niche, create your value proposition, build a consulting or coaching website, get clients, discover a proven consulting framework for working with executives, and most importantly overcome fear and imposter syndrome. You have a unique purpose to fulfill as a consultant or coach. Let me help you activate it!


Get the roadmap to a thriving consulting or coaching business you and your clients love

Find your niche, clarify your value proposition and attract the right clients- and get ready to turn your purpose as a consultant and coach into profitable reality with this free guide + workbook!

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Answer 4 simple questions to get your custom-designed playlist of the Enough Already podcast, along with free resources and tools, to help you accelerate the growth you want to see in your business RIGHT NOW.

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Take my short quiz to discover how to leverage the power of your unique strengths to create meaningful value for your consulting and coaching clients and to grow your business - YOUR WAY!  

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Get a collection of organizational consulting eBooks and tools, along with a curated playlist with interviews from Disney's most senior leaders, to fast-track your success as an organizational consultant or coach. 

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Business Success Roadmap

Get the details on how to start your consulting or coaching business and set it up for sustained success, step-by-step

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"What I do" Script & Template

Get an engaging framework that makes it easy to talk about what you do with clarity, credibility and confidence.

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Business Launch Calculator 

Find out how much it costs to start and run your consulting or coaching business (along with my recommended tools and resources.)

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Website Blueprint

Writer's block standing in the way of getting your website launched? Overcome all that with this free website template + guide.

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Proposal Template

Discover how to structure a consulting or coaching proposal that gets you seen and paid as an expert worth premium fees.

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The CURE for Imposter Syndrome & Fear

Get compassionate strategies and inspiration to help you overcome the totally normal fears that stand in the way of your consulting, coaching & business potential.

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Nearly Free OD Consulting Frameworks & Tools

Name your price and swipe my proven OD tools, frameworks, templates and best practices to accelerate your OD consulting success.

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Getting the right words to describe the unique value of what you do can feel impossible - especially if you have a lot of strengths and experiences. I can help you get to the heart of what you do as a consultant or coach and give you the right words that resonate with your clients and gets them to want to work with you!

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