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Stop Overthinking, Start Succeeding with Clear Direction and Focus!

Accelerate and Sustain Your Success with
Strategic Mentoring and Brand Messaging Solutions…

…Custom Designed for Consultants and Coaches

Work with Me

Stop Overthinking, Start Succeeding with Clear Direction and Focus!

Accelerate and Sustain Your Success with
Strategic Mentoring and Brand Messaging Solutions…

…Custom Designed for Consultants and Coaches

Finally, the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to bring your dream consulting and coaching business to life!

I offer five ways to help you overcome analysis paralysis, writer's block, entrepreneurial overwhelm, and that nagging "imposter syndrome" that holds you back from your full potential as a consultant or coach.

Business & Brand Strategy 

Repackage your strengths and experience in a business model and brand that fast-tracks your results, sets you up for long-term sustainable success and makes a meaningful difference.

  • Choose the RIGHT business model that delivers on all your priorities - purpose + profits
  • Uncover exactly what makes what you uniquely do as a consultant and coach incredibly valuable 
  • Stand out in the crowded consulting and coaching marketplace
  • Describe the value of what you do with conviction and credibility
  • Grow your business with clear focus and confidence, without false starts and expensive trial and error

Done-for-You Website Copy 

Work with experienced copywriters who get the consulting and coaching industry to write you website copy that resonates with your dream clients and gets them excited to work with you!

  • Shed corporate-lingo and have copy that speaks to the heart and mind of your ideal clients
  • Showcase your strengths and expertise in an authentic, relatable, non-braggy way
  • Free yourself from the hours sitting in front of the computer wondering how to convey what you do on your website
  • Finally...get your website done, launched and at work attracting and converting clients!

Marketing Messaging VIP Day 

Get the copy you need to convert clients and open doors to new opportunities - FAST. In just one day with a copywriting intensive session you'll finally complete a marketing or sales deliverable that will help you generate leads or land clients. You can your VIP Day to:

  • Craft a compelling proposal that gets clients to instantly say "YES!" to working with you and paying you what you're worth
  • Create the structure and script for a webinar or talk that resonates with your clients and gets them excited to work with you
  • Develop unique intellectual property that you can use to make a powerful difference with your clients
  • Write a sales page for a brand new signature service or course
  • Have a stress-free experience to help you make the most of opportunities and capitalize on them...FAST! 

Join the Purpose to Profits Academy 

This mastermind community is designed to equip you with the strategies, skills, tools and mindsets to help you finally, consistently get clients who will see and pay you as an expert

Through weekly "Quick Win Webinars", hot seats/role plays, online forum and life events you'll get actionable skills that set you up for long-term success:

  • Write persuasive copy and content 2-3x faster
  • Market yourself without fear
  • Ask clients to work with you without hesitation
  • Set fees that reflect your worth without apology
  • Create remarkable content that gets you seen as an expert 
  • Have a lot more fun growing your business!

The Ultimate Consulting & Coaching "Business in a Box"

With my comprehensive library of online courses, you'll learn how to build a thriving consulting or coaching business from A to Z. From idea to launch, landing clients and delivering results, you'll get the training, tools and templates you need. 

Is it time to stop wasting your time cobbling together the best practices you found online? Do you want PROVEN business development approaches custom tailored for coaches and consultants? If you're looking for a low-cost way to see what it takes to run your own consulting or coaching business - the Ultimate Consulting and Coaching Business in a Box is right for you!


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Getting the right words to describe the unique value of what you do can feel impossible - especially if you a lot of strengths and experiences. We can help you get to the heart of what you do as a consultant or coach and give you the right words that resonate with your clients and gets them to want to work with you!

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