They leapt from their high-paying jobs into full-time business ownership...
...and so can you!

Be encouraged and inspired by their journey towards greater success...on their own terms!


"I have always dreamt about being my own boss but I didn't know exactly what it meant to be on your own as a one-man shop and what type of business I wanted to have. Betsy helped me really crystalized what type of client I am looking for and the value I offer them. She helped paint the picture, shorten my learning curve and really propel me and set me up for success."

President, The BCJ Group


"I needed an expert in the entrepreneur space to help me design a strategy around launching my new consulting business.  Betsy was the perfect strategic partner!  Her expertise combined with her proven best practices, and customized approach helps me attract the right clients by standing out in the market place."

President, The J.Blake Group



"Betsy's approach is more than just a helping hand to give you a head start in your business. She provides end to end capabilities that would have taken me months to stumble through on my own accord. The journey has shaped my business, inspired individual growth and set the platform for a prosperous future. With Betsy in your backcourt you can't help but create rich value for your clients."

President, Saliaris Consulting Group


"I've had the honor of working with Betsy and am still floored by how much I've learned - and how much I still do not know. Her mentoring of new business owners and honing their skills is truly top notch. She switches from mentor, to coach to teacher in a blink of an eye to help me understand a concept or process in a way that resonates with me every single time. I highly recommend working with Betsy if you have the opportunity!!"

President, R. Stone Consulting

"Betsy is mentoring me as I launch my consulting business and her end-to-end support and encouragement have been the key to launching my business. She has been an absolute joy to work with while I've been on this journey and I highly recommend her to others who are trying to navigate this nebulous place between corporate leadership and business ownership."

President, Robert Kelley Consulting

"I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Betsy as I embark on a new career path. She knows how to start a business, how to run it and how to SUSTAIN it which is the key to success. She takes the time to get to know her clients and tailors her mentoring to match their needs. I couldn't have achieved so much in such a short period of time without Betsy."

President, Lori Smith Consulting

"If you’re looking for a life-changing mentor, Betsy’s knowledge well is bottomless!  Betsy has kept me on a path that leads to results. She has helped me to identify and refine my personal brand, understand and articulate my value while provided invaluable guidance in developing several aspects of my consulting business. She is honest, direct and keeps me accountable to my goals."

President, Jennifer Nixon Consulting


Making a Living and Creating a Life
FULLY aligned to your

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Betsy. She cuts right to the chase, she helped me 'pivot' in my thinking and my messaging. My confidence in what I have to bring to prospects shot up 100%. Betsy also gives a 100% in value to her clients with delivering knowledge, resources, and feedback. If you choose to work with her, you will become a Betsy Jordyn evangelist also. 

Isabella Johnston

President, Pivot Consulting

Isabella Johnston

President, Pivot Consulting

Betsy helped me clarify, concentrate and create. Too many other advisors throw solutions at you. Betsy helps you come to your own."

The best part of this program was the continual reinforcement and message that I have something valuable to offer and to not short change that.

My business is expanding a rate beyond my dreams, as a result of working with Betsy. From branding to prospecting and closing, Betsy has guided me, asking the right questions, moving my forward as I fought to hold on to my old ways of thinking. Today, I have a new energy for helping my clients, greater focus and more inner peace - working less and making more. 


Why wait until you're completely miserable before making a move?

You're on this page at this very moment because you are hearing the drumbeats of change.

In my experience - they NEVER go away.
They only get louder and use more disruptive means to get attention.

It's time to stop setting for mere success.

Your true purpose and highest potential are right here waiting for you...
...if you grab the courage to go after it.

Every hero has a mentor. Luke had Obi Wan. Dorothy had Glinda.
And you can have me. 

You don't have to go it alone. 

Schedule an intro call and let's explore how I can help you achieve
more than you thought possible. 


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