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Success Story:

Kimberly Bolton

"I launched my new business in less than 90 days!"

Kimberly Bolton was able to transform her career from educational leader to coaching business owner within three months as a result of Betsy Jordyn's end-to-end branding, messaging, and website design services.

Kimberly's Transformation from Educational Leader to Teacher Mental Health Advocate and Coach

“If you are interested in making the shift to a consulting or coaching career, you owe it to yourself to work with Betsy. She has a gift of helping you sift through your strengths and your goals, and really honing in on what kind of difference you are looking to make. Learning how to be an entrepreneur is more than just a website and a marketing plan. It is also learning how to develop the MINDSET of an entrepreneur. At this, Betsy is a rockstar guide.

Best of all, Betsy will help you get RESULTS! You owe it to yourself to work with the best in the field.

Kimberly Bolton


Kimberly had been a teacher and an administrator for 20+ years. She was getting increasingly concerned about the state of Teacher Mental Health and wanted to start her own coaching business to focus on solving this issue but had ZERO experience as an entrepreneur. Her dreams were stalled for YEARS because she had NO IDEA where or how to start.


Kimberly signed up for an exclusive, immersive VIP experience where we worked together on every aspect of her business and brand build:

  • Foundational messaging & brand positioning
  • Product/service packaging & framing
  • On-site photoshoot
  • Visual branding
  • Custom website design
  • PLUS – Kimberly joined my action-learning mastermind community to grow her marketing and sales skills.


Not only does Kimberly have a fabulous new website, marketing plan, and action strategies for moving forward, but she also made the mental shift from educator to entrepreneur. She gained confidence in herself that SHE CAN DO THIS! She also gained the new skills and strategies to marketing and sell herself, but the biggest impact has been on her mindset and confidence.

Kimberly's Projects with Betsy Jordyn

✔ Brand Messaging & Positioning
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design
✔ Mastermind Community

Visual Branding & Logo Design

Logo Design
Color Palette
Fonts & Typekit

Custom Website Design - Sample Pages

Home Page

Services Page

Blog Page

Customized Background

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