Hi, I'm Betsy!

I empower high-achieving professionals to take charge of their career and build a business and life that they love. 

Want to know the smartest way to turn your strengths and experience into a profitable business
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You ascended to the top of your profession for a reason.

You're ambitious, extremely smart and truly love helping people. You get fired up by achieving big goals, solving complex challenges and making a difference.

Let's be honest. You're really good at what you do. 

You were born to achieve great things. 

So what do you do when you fall out of love with your career?

Perhaps it's the craziness of your company that is making you consider your next big move...

...The insane 70-hour workweeks, the questionable leadership practices, lack of opportunities or the way that your job was redefined (or eliminated!) 

Or maybe it's the frustration of not having any semblance of a personal life, feeling close to burnout or that nagging voice in your head that is telling you that there's more for you than what you're experiencing.

If this sounds like you - I got great news. Everything isn't falling apart. It's all coming together to help you achieve what your heart really wants...

Greater success...but on your own terms.

You want to still accomplish great living with your career...but in your own way. Using your best-at strengths. Living your true passions. Creating your authentic life. 

Hi! I'm Betsy Jordyn.

My work is all about reigniting the belief that it is possible to make great money doing work that we love. 

I challenge my clients to stop settling for a career based on what I call their "second tier strengths" and find the courage to uncover, own and leverage their best-at strengths and use them as the foundation of their next big career move.

My approach is both direct and fully supportive of the whole person. I know the fear that gets triggered when trying to build a career based on love, not just pragmatics.

But rest assured. I will give you systems and strategies to make your career aspirations real. 

You can do this. You can transform your career and life so that you can have it all - success, impact, joy, peace, personal power and your highest potential.


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