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Hey there!

I'm Betsy.

I empower new, seasoned, and aspiring consultants and coaches with the strategic clarity, messaging, copy, confidence and skills essential for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into profitable reality.


I'm Betsy.

I empower new, seasoned, and aspiring consultants and coaches with the strategic clarity, confidence, skills, messaging and copy essential for turning your entrepreneurial dreams into profitable reality.

What to say next time someone asks what you do.

(Get the guide to help you explain what you do with clarity, confidence and credibility) 

Let me guess a few things about you...

You're smart. Successful.
You've built an amazing career.

But then IT happened. You woke up + realized that while you were building your career, you have forgotten about your life.

Maybe it was burnout that woke you up. Or a job loss. Either way, you made a decision: You want control over your career and life by growing your own consulting or coaching business.

But then you got stuck.

You don't know how your experience and strengths translate into this new business. And when it comes to explaining what you do, you get tongue tied and draw a blank.

It's a bit of "Analysis Paralysis" and "Writer's Block" and it sucks.

I help consultants and coaches like you to get traction on their goals with clarity and unshakeable confidence. How you communicate the value of what you do has a huge impact on your business potential. I can help you create brand messages that can help you stand out in the crowded marketplace and connects with the clients who need you! 

About Me

Hi, I’m Betsy Jordyn

I'm a business mentor and brand messaging strategist.

Uncanny empathy, along with my expert knowledge of branding, marketing, copywriting, AND the consulting and coaching industry, is what I have used to help hundreds of consultants and coaches build businesses and lives that they love.

I’m YOUR "Brand Whisperer" and "Word Finder" who is here to help you:

  • Untangle all your thoughts and bring clarity to what your business is all about
  • Master the strategies and skills to turn your business dreams into profitable reality
  • Find the words that express the value of you uniquely do
  • Shed the corporate-lingo and write messages and copy that speaks to your clients
  • Use your authentic voice to share your unique mission and stories with the world
  • Create a business foundation that sets you up for long-term, sustainable success
Let's get to know each other

What if you had more clarity and confidence in the value of what you do?

You'd get your business launched. You'd be out there marketing yourself, completely free from imposter syndrome or fear. You'd take your place as thought leader in your niche.

You'll finally have the financial and time freedom to life your best life. You'd travel. Enjoy your hobbies. Spend time with your loved ones. (Hello work/life balance!)

"As a result of Betsy's amazing 1:1 messaging coaching and website copy that captures the essence of what I do -  I've transformed from a transactional consultant to an industry leader with a vision and purpose. My authority in the market has increased and I'm getting opportunities with the C-Suite that previously alluded me."


"Before working with Betsy, our business was at a standstill. Working with her helped us clearly see why we were stuck – we were building the wrong business. We finally discovered that it was possible to make money off something we’re so passionate about and now it’s like fishing in a clear pond vs. in a swamp. Opportunities are coming to us and doors are opening because we now 150% positive we’re going in the right direction."


"I had always dreamed of owning my own business. I knew I had a unique combination of skills and experience to bring to clients, but had no idea how to think about packaging that or bringing it to market. As a result of Betsy's mentoring, I was able to efficiently launch my new business without wasting time or resources. And I also gained clarity, confidence and optimism for the future."


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Strategic mentoring and messaging services custom designed to help you:

Clarify your business vision and messaging to get traction on your goals

Brand Messaging

Go from confused to confident when explaining what you do and focus for your business

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Marketing Messaging 

Quickly get persuasive words that opens hearts and wallets of your future high-paying clients

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Website Copywriting

Get copy that turns your website into a 24/7 client attraction and conversion machine

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Purpose to Profits Academy

Get essential marketing and persuasive communication skills and PEER SUPPORT.

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"Working with Betsy helped me give birth to my brand." 

"I knew I wanted to start my own business and had a general idea where I was going but it wasn’t fully formed. Working with Betsy helped me fine tune and define who I am as a coach and business owner and who I serve. From here I was able to give birth to my brand. I feel like a baby bird now pushed out of the nest ready to fly on my own and can target only the people who I want to work with and it has opened up a new network of contacts for me."


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What to say next time someone asks what you do.

Download my FREE guide to help you explain what you do with clarity, confidence and credibility

Getting the right words to describe the unique value of what you do can feel impossible - especially if you a lot of strengths and experiences. We can help you get to the heart of what you do as a consultant or coach and give you the right words that resonate with your clients and gets them to want to work with you!

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