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It's time to get your business launched!

But you're overwhelmed trying to make that happen on your own

You know you need a website that shows you're legit and
instills trust in your future clients. 

Yet you're stuck. 

You're an expert at what you do, but 
NOT at writing about it or
creating a website.

You're not a graphic designer or a web developer.

And even though you're a decent technical or academic writer,
you have no clue how to write marketing copy and
distill the complexity of what you do into the right words.

Even worse?
The learning curve.
Trying to find a branding firm that gets what you do.

How can you achieve stable and scalable profits and step up your impact and influence if you're writing yourself into circles still without a well-designed website?

And some real talk...

Yes, launching an online platform IS overwhelming. (I'll help you that!)

What's also overwhelming and potentially why your business launch project is stuck is vulnerability.

Imposter Syndrome. Analysis Paralysis. Fear of Being Seen.

"How do I write about myself with feeling icky about it? How do show up online without feeling embarrassed?"

It feels uncomfortable, but it's normal. And and it's about to change.

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn. This is why I created my Idea to Launch Program.

This program is designed to help you design a website and brand image that reflects the best YOU and your remarkable strengths with clarity & confidence.

My 20+ years in the consulting and coaching industry, expert knowledge of personal branding and online marketing, and my team's exceptional visual & website design skills allow us to strategically build 6 (and even 7-figure) consulting or coaching brands alongside each of our clients...

...in far less time than doing it on your own 

...and without dealing with marketing agencies who don't get the complexity of what you do as a consultant and coach.

We'd love to help you build a website that effortlessly communicates your message so you can spend less time convincing clients they need you and more time doing the consulting and coaching you love.¬†ūüíó

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Why New & Seasoned Consultants & Coaches Sign Up for This Program

"Betsy's one-stop-shop, A-Z support, I was able to efficiently and confidently launch my new business without wasting time or resources" 

"I was in the midst of a career transition and had always dreamed of owning my own business. I considered doing it alone but got overwhelmed. Working with Betsy helped me efficiently launch my business, without wasting time or resources and grow my confidence and skills."

Heather Havey, Productivity Consultant

"Betsy helped me increase my authority in the market and get opportunities with the C-Suite that previously alluded me."

"I was making good money, adding great clients but was my brand was lacking identity. I tried Wix and bought a WordPress kit for consultants which looked abysmal. As a result of Betsy's coaching and design support, I have a beautifully designed website that increased my authority in the market and brand that allows me to complete at higher levels."

Jason Fearnow, Mining Industry Consultant & Coach

The "Idea to Launch" VIP Experience Will Help You...

Establish a credible brand image by having an online platform that reflects the depth of your expertise, and demonstrates at a glance that your business is legitimate and you're an expert worth premium fees.

Attract more of the right clients with copy that is free from technical jargon and connects with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients. Leverage the power of search engines to get found online.

Convert browsers into buyers with persuasive, conversion-focused copy and smart, strategically placed calls to action. Don't settle for an online brochure or resume. Create your 24/7 sales team.

Reduce your stress and overwhelm by having all of your business development needs met by one team. You focus on WHAT you want your business to be about, we'll take care of HOW to get it manifested. 

Save time and money and missing out on opportunities. Reduce your marketing and avoid the hustle for clients as your well-designed website will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. 

Set yourself up for scale and long-term growth with an online platform that grows you with and automates your back-end systems and processes. Truly get your client acquisition on auto-pilot. 

This 90-day VIP experience is a combination of

 mentoring + personal branding + website design

custom designed to accelerate your ability to get your business ideas out of your head and manifested on your website that is poised to attract your perfect client and impress the heck out of them to the point that they say,

‚ÄúWhere have you been? I need you!‚ÄĚ

What You'll Get with this Highly Personalized  Program

Brand Strategy VIP Day

Through personalized one-on-one coaching over Zoom, I'll help you build your business, brand positioning & website strategy, and foundational brand messages.

Visual Branding

My design team will build for you a cohesive and high-quality visual identity that feels like a true representation of your brand. Included is a logo, icon, color palette, strategically picked fonts & branding guide.

Custom Website Design

My web development team will create a custom design (ideally on the Kajabi platform) that surrounds your words with images that reinforce your message and reflect your unique personality. 

Branded Business Essentials

My graphic design team will help you create a consistent premium brand image with custom-designed business cards, email signatures, social media banners, and multi-use branded backgrounds.

Done-with-You Website Copy

My copywriting team will craft a solid first draft of your Home, About, and Services page for you to edit and refine into your own voice and language.

Training & Coaching

I'll also give you training and guidance on how to hire and work with the right photographers, optimize your LinkedIn profile, get benefit-driven testimonials, create content, and build a launch strategy to engage your network.

And to ensure you're FULLY supported, you'll also get...

On-Demand Training & Resources

Inside my private member-only site, you'll get video training, action sheets, templates, and tools to help you launch your business, market yourself effectively, and land clients.

Unlimited On-Call Access

Get instant access to me via WhatsApp for your questions about your program AND how to make the most of any potential client opportunity that comes your way during our program.

Exclusive Mastermind Community

Get 6 months of access to my Purpose to Profits Academy - your safe learning container connect with other consultants and coaches and master essential marketing and sales skills.

You may be wondering:

Can I REALLY get all this done in 90 days? 

OR Can I actually get it done faster?

Great questions!

If you are committed to doing your part, we promise to show up and do ours. 

I have done my best to create a program that streamlines the path to your business launch WITHOUT sacrificing quality or your long-term success.

When you sign up, we'll co-create your timeline that maximizes your time and resources, without overly stressing you out. 

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Ready to Get into the Flow and FINALLY Launch Your Business? 

Programs are custom designed to fit your needs, marketing priorities, time and budget and start at $8999. Payment plans are available. 

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