Heather Havey


I offer no-nonsense, practical growth solutions that empower visionary leaders to efficiently move big ideas from possibility to reality.

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" Working with Betsy was the best use of resources, and a great investment of my time[...] YI was able to efficiently launch my new business and website without wasting time or resources.

Heather's Business Build Story

"I was in the midst of a career transition and had always dreamed of owning my own business. I knew I had a unique combination of skills and experience to bring to clients but had no idea how to think about packaging that or bringing it to market.

I considered doing it alone. I reached out to a lot of folks to get input about hiring a coach and many people said "go it alone, there are plenty of online resources available". Due to knowing Betsy from my Disney days, I immediately thought of her once I know I decided I could not go it alone. Luckily I talked to a former co-worker who was also one of Betsy's former clients who recommended I work with Betsy.

As a result of Betsy's one-stop-shop, A-Z support, I got everything I needed to about starting AND growing a consulting business.

I was able to efficiently launch my new business and website without wasting time or resources.

And I also gained confidence. I realized that what I did in corporate America translated. I have transferrable skills. And I learned new skills. I learned a ton about myself. I gained a new understanding of how my superpowers can be the foundation of a business. I am more optimistic. I have clarity."


Heather's Projects with Betsy Jordyn:

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✔ Website Copy Coaching
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design
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