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Messaging & Marketing Makeover

Attract more of the RIGHT clients, who will gladly pay you higher fees, with enhanced marketing messaging & strategies.  

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Messaging & Marketing Makeover

Attract more of the RIGHT clients, who will gladly pay you higher fees, with enhanced marketing messaging & strategies.  

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‚úĒ¬†¬†Elevate your brand image
‚úĒ¬†¬†Expand your impact
‚úĒ¬† Scale your profits

It's time to scale your success to the next level

But you're not quite sure how to do that

You doing so good with your consulting or coaching business.

Your clients adore you and you're making a difference.

To date, you have gotten the majority of your clients through referrals,
but it's simply not enough to take your success to the next level.

You want to elevate your brand image and attract more of the RIGHT clients to you (without the hustle and chase), but how you can make this happen when...

...your messaging is unclear

...on a website that you're slightly embarrassed by

...and you're stuck in the hourly grind - being treated and paid as a service provider when you know you're so much more than that!

Let's be real

Yes, scaling your success is a challenge (I'll help you with that!)

But there's this one big false belief that could be keeping you from making the shift:

"I should already know how to do this!"

The secret shame that your messaging and marketing aren't on point is holding you back (and frustration of the money you may have spent to fix it that didn't work) is keeping you from plateauing.

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn. This is why I created the Messaging & Marketing Makeover VIP Experience.

This personalized business mentoring and brand-building experience is for you to get better results from your marketing and sales while...

...Establishing you as a sought-after expert and premium brand worth premium fees.

During our time together, you'll:

  • Refresh and up-level the words you use to describe what you do
  • Reframe your offers¬†and make them compelling to potential clients
  • Enhance¬†the credibility of your online image

Through this program, you'll compete at higher levels, and get more of the right clients who will pay you higher fees - while working less!

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Why Experienced Consultants & Coaches Sign up for a Messaging & Marketing Makeover

"Betsy helped me confidently explain what I did, land more clients and offer inclusive programs (vs. undervalued hourly offers)" 

"The way I was describing what I was doing were not hitting the target. Betsy helped me figure out what sets me apart from others in the field and create a program of inclusive services, instead of an undervalued hourly offer. I am more clear and confident about what I offer and comfortable explaining what I do."   

- Sari Goodman, Parenting Coach

"I now have a website that is a perfect representation of my brand that appeals to and converts clients!" 

"I was relying on networking and word of mouth get clients which made it hard to scale my business. Betsy helped me get clear on who my client is, the problems I solve and the solutions I provide. She helped me build a website that is not only a perfect representation of my brand and resonates and appeals to potential clients. I've already closed over $200k in new sales!"

- Scott Martin, CFO on Demand

"Since working with Betsy we are winning more meaningful and profitable work and every contract we bid for!" 

"We were struggling with landing the client jobs we most wanted to win and going after larger contracts. Betsy helped us refine how we communicated our value to potential clients. As a result, we have landed all contracts we proposed. We are confidently pitching and winning more meaningful and profitable work."  

- Peggy Riley & Hilary Duwe, Branding Strategists & Designers

What we'll be doing together to transform you from a hustling hourly service provider to a sought-after strategic partner

Create Your Elevated Brand Promise

Using my unique and signature Brand Positioning Framework, you'll create a more strategic brand promise and value proposition that appeals to the RIGHT clients that you'd love to work with - doing the strategic work you know you're capable of. 

Articulate What You Do with Confidence

You'll shed the technical talk and come up with conversational and engaging messages for your refined brand promise that get people to lean in and unify the rest of your marketing and sales. 

Up-Level Your Website Copy, Design & Effectiveness

We'll work together to ensure you have compelling website copy that drives traffic to your site, a design that establishes your credibility at first glance and acts as your 24/7 sales partner you have always wanted.

Build a Predictable Client Pipeline

Forget "hit or miss" marketing tactics. We'll create a system filled with marketing tactics that you'll actually enjoy and consistently draw in and convert clients. Hello, financial and time freedom!

Land Strategic Engagements

Free yourself from the "hourly service provider for hire" trap with my proprietary and signature Partnership Set Up Framework. You'll position yourself as a strategic partner and expert advisor - from the very first discovery meeting. 

Become a Thought Leader

With your client acquisition on auto-pilot, along with your ability to make more while working less, you'll have the creative space and time to make a bigger impact as a thought leader, speaker, author, podcaster, blogger, and/or YouTube influencer.

This 30-day VIP experience is a combination of

mentoring + training + brand messaging

custom designed to help you stop playing small and FULLY truly step into the role of CEO of your sustainable profitable, high-impact consulting or coaching enterprise.

How the Program Works

Messaging & Marketing Audit

An expert review of your current marketing and sales approaches, social media profile, website, and proposals to identify strengths and areas of opportunities.

Laser-focused Brand & Marketing Strategy & Messaging Session

A 3-hour Zoom session to create your refined brand promise, messages, and plan for consistently getting your dream clients.

Website Redesign Support

I'll either guide you to create or my team will create for you updated and improved website copy, visual brand & website design.

On-Demand Video Training

Master the skills to attract and land clients with confidence with my video training, action sheets, tools, and templates.  

Unlimited On-Call Access

Turn theory into practice as I'll personally guide you step-by-step to land your very next high-paying client who will treat and pay you as a strategic partner and expert.

Exclusive Mastermind Community

Get 6 months of access to my community - where you can connect with other consultants and coaches and master essential marketing and sales skills.

You may be wondering:

How can I be sure I'll get an ROI from this program? 

I get your concern. If you have been in business for a while, you have likely spent a lot of money on other business coaches, online programs, and marketing agencies that didn't lead to the results you wanted. 

My promise to you - this is not a cookie-cutter program.

Before we start our work together, we'll get clear on your goals, starting point, and what you already have in place that we can build on.

THEN we'll co-create the right solution for you that maximizes your investment in this program AS WELL AS previous investments.

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Read My Success Stories

Meet Katie Anderson, internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant scaling her success to the next level

Katie was ready to elevate her impact, brand prestige, and earning power. 

Together we clarified her most profitable client and created messages that resonated with this audience. We designed a new trusted advisor program and restructured her sales process and proposals. We also gave her website a makeover to better showcase the depth of her expertise as a speaker, coach, and consultant.

As a result, she has been able to land work faster, step up her pricing, serve more clients, and make a bigger impact.

Read the Full Case Study

"Betsy helped me dramatically up-level my coaching rate and premium brand image" 

"As a result of working with Betsy, I now have better offers and a new trusted advisor program that has allowed me to step up my pricing, serve more clients, make a bigger impact, without adding on a lot more work."

Katie Anderson, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant & Coach

Let's work together to

Turn your Good Business into a Great One

with messages and marketing/sales strategies that consistently attract your dream clients and get you paid as the expert you are. 

Programs are custom designed to fit your needs, learning style, time and budget and start at $4999. Payment plans are available. 

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