How I went from

Burnt out Disney leader to helping consultants and coaches build businesses and lives that they love.

How I went from

Burnt out Disney leader to helping consultants and coaches build businesses and lives that they love.

From Disney Leadership to Consulting Business Ownership...

Landing a role as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World was my dream come true. I got to work with amazing executives on high-profile projects like Disney's Animal Kingdom rebranding.

Then my Dad died of lung cancer way too young. It was a wake-up call that made me question those 70-hour workweeks and caused me to fall out of love with this career that I once adored.

Then I did what made NO SENSE to anyone at the time. I quit.

The good news...

When I started my consulting business, I was able to pair my technical consulting know-how with marketing skills and a website and as a result, within 18 months, I was earning well into the six figures. I had the fortune to work with great companies around the world including Wyndham, Florida Hospital, CHEP, AAA, BBA Aviation, FreshPoint and many others.

The bad news...

"I built the wrong business!"


Figuring out the RIGHT business was tough.

It took me years and a lot of expensive trial and error to figure out the business and work that I was born to do. 

I thought my ideal business model was to train other people on what I knew about consulting since it was so key to my business success. 

But no matter what I did - nothing worked. I spent a ton of money trying one thing after another.

But then I tried something new - I started to REALLY listen to the people who came to me for help. 

And I discovered two game-changing things:

  • The people I help are high-achievers at critical career crossroads
  • The help they want is discovering their strengths and how to monetize them

Which is what I love the most!

I pivoted my business to offer this type of support to consultants and coaches and finally got my dream business. 

But then I quickly realized - to go from corporate to business ownership is a massive deal.

And strategy alone wasn't going to be enough for this type of heroic journey.

So I searched for a solution. 

The Success Solution

It takes strategies, skills, tools, and mindset to bring a dream consulting and coaching business to life. 

Jen joining my team opened possibilities I could have NEVER offered on my own - end-to-end support.

But together we were able to create a new business development firm for consultants and coaches that hasn't be done before - one-stop shop.

Our unique business model offers:

  • Mentoring and personalized guidance around the creative elements of growing a business (e.g., messaging, copywriting, content creation, etc.)
  • Sales and marketing training and coaching
  • Implementation support to put profits on auto-pilot
  • AND we offer world-class visual branding and website design

From idea to launch, through landing clients - we got your back every step of the way.

And best of all...

We help our clients create business platforms that deliver both purpose AND profits.


Build a business that you actually love. 

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for getting seen and paid for who you authentically are 

Not just what you or others think you "should be" but who you actually are.

The real secret to guaranteed success is to align your business to your best-at strengths and heartfelt passions.

But it's not easy.

You may not know your superpowers...yet.

You may not see how your experience in corporate translates to your business...yet.

But I know this to be true based on my experience you will IF to go slow to grow fast and...

Build the right business, for the right reasons...the first time.


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