I'm Betsy Jordyn

I'm a Business Mentor and
Purpose Guide dedicated to helping you answer life's Big Questions: 

Who I am?

What do I want?

What's my purpose?

How do I make it real?

I have two stories about  living your purpose.
Both happened to me, but only one of them is true.

The first story is about how I envisioned a consulting business for myself and within a few short months I was earning well into the six figures.

The secrets of my success included leveraging my track record as a consultant, including 8 years at Walt Disney World, and my willingness to invest in my business and take smart risks.

As a result of my consulting practice, I have advised executives in world-class companies
all around the world. 

Now let me tell you the REAL Story...

Leaving Disney was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Landing the job was the realization of a lifelong dream and all the hard work I put into getting my masters' degree.

But contrary to what most people think - I didn't leave Disney to start my own business. I left Disney because I was burnt out.

I was leading a highly visible global project but I wasn't happy. The 70-hour workweeks were starting to get to me. I had two small kids at home and I worried that they would grow up without me. 

And so, I had to do what made no sense to anyone at the time –

I left what was once my dream job at Disney for the potential of
achieving my potential.

Through growing my own business and mentoring others throughout the world to do the same - I discovered the fast track to
living your purpose AND making a profit.

In fact, what I discovered SO POWERFUL that I stopped consulting to organizations
so I can give 100% of my focus exclusively on helping others with this. 

Want to know what my secret is?

Start the Right Business...
for the Right Reasons.

THIS is the single greatest action learning experience for discovering and living your purpose.

You might decide to start your own business because you've fallen out of love with your job (or it fell out of love with you.) Or you're just so tired from working all the time.

But it's through the process of building your own business you'll discover:

  • Why challenges are gifts in disguise
  • Who you really love to serve and why
  • What are your greatest strengths
  • How courageous you can be
  • Why your happiness matters
  • How to experience financial abundance 

You don't have to have everything figured out before you make a move. Because I'll help you figure it all out.

THIS is why I pivoted my business from consulting to organizations to helping people like you. My highest potential is to help you live yours. 

If you're ready to transcend fear and act on your emerging vision...

Let's talk.

Which Brings Me to How I Can Help You

Your passions and strengths matter.

The question is - Do you believe in your heart that this is true?

Let me assure you -  you don't have to choose between money and purpose. You can have both. You really can have it it all. 

Through my free content, paid online training, live workshops and personalized mentoring and coaching programs -
my goal is help you embrace the work you were born to do. 

I do this in three ways:

Give You a Proven System

Like you, I hate wasting time and money. I give you step-by-step actions that will get your business launched faster and positioned for scalable profits. 

Showcase Your Strengths

You deserve to make money doing what you love and I'll help you figure out what this is. And find the words to confidently describe the value you create for your perfect client.

Provide Personal Support

Big visions create big fears. I'll help you positively engage fear so that they will be your allies as you pursue turning your purpose into profits.

Ready for More?

It's time...

To rekindle your passion for your work and do what you love.

It's time...

To invest your energy, time and talents towards growing your own bottom line (and not someone else's)

It's time...

To take control over your career and build your own business.

The one decision you'll never regret is organizing your career around what matters most to you.

It's been over 10 years since I left Disney and started my own business. My small kids are now teenagers and I haven't missed a thing (except for one recital when my daughter was 4 but I had a friend record it!)

Let's face it - my career transformation (and your future one) was never just about my career. It was about my life. 

Ready for more ? If yes, don’t set some arbitrary goal and hope that happiness and greater success will come to you in the future. Act now.

Your purpose is here, right now. All you need is the courage to believe it. And take the first step.

Let's get started.


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