I’m Betsy - 

The “Brand Whisperer” dedicated to helping you see and own your worth.

I’m Betsy - 

The “Brand Whisperer” dedicated to helping you see and own your worth.

You’re an accomplished professional with exceptional strengths and an impressive track record.

You want a business that reflects the depth of your experience and delivers ongoing profits.

And you’re brilliant! A go-getter who is more than willing to DO THE WORK.

But you’re stuck when it comes to expressing your value. It’s like the cat doesn’t just “got your tongue” but your whole body and mind. When it comes to getting out there and finding clients, you don’t know how to focus.

Fact is…there are just some things you can’t do alone.

Sometimes fears and second-guessing yourself get in the way and need outside perspective and guidance to breakthrough.

I get it and I’m here to help.

I’m Betsy Jordyn - 

I’m a consultant, entrepreneur, and personal brand builder.

My official story? I've been a consultant for over 20 years. After serving as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World, I started my own business. Within 18 months, I was earning well into the six figures, consulting with companies worldwide.

The real story: I didn't leave Disney just to start my business. Like you, I wanted control over my career, make a significant difference, and achieve greater success…on my own terms.

Today, I guide purpose-driven consultants and coaches to build businesses out of who they are. I help them find their voice, shape their message and build a credible online presence that establishes them as experts and thought leaders…not mere service providers or an “extra pair of hands.”

My "Why" 

I started this business because I am convinced the best and most influential business model and marketplace position is found deep within the person you authentically are.

Making money and a difference doing what you love isn’t for a lucky few. It’s your birthright!

I was born to mine for the gold inside professionals like you…and then help you package and monetize that genius!

What I Do is Unique:

I get you

Before I was a brand positioning and marketing expert, I was a consultant and coach like you. You can talk shop with me, and I’ll get it.

I see you

My greatest strength is my ability to draw out other people’s strengths and put a frame, words and packaging around them.

I feel you

I have an intimate relationship with imposter syndrome and know how to help you transcend its power and make it an ally to your success.


I’ve helped countless consultants and coaches build distinct and transformational businesses that they are proud of without all that second guessing about their value and if they have what it takes

– all by honing their brand positioning.  

“Betsy’s capability to see in people a bigger picture that they can’t see in themselves is invaluable. She is definitely the ‘Brand Whisperer.’”

Jaime Shearer,
President, Jamie Shearer Coaching

“We now have a business that reflects what God placed us on this planet to do and that we’re 100% confident in and excited about building.”

Josh and Kristy Groce
Relationship Coaches for Blended Families

“I would not have the success that I have now without Betsy. She helped turn me in the right direction and turn me back to myself.’”

Adam Schwartz
President, Schwartz Coaching


“Working with Betsy permanently changed the way I view the value of my experience. I’m no longer intimidated to ask for my worth.

Frederick Griffen,
President, Griffen and Associates

“I was afraid of becoming known for something I didn’t care about. Now I have a business that reflects the work that I get excited about and say, ‘this is who I am’ and if flows out of me without effort.”

Sandy Johnson
President, Sandy Johnson Consulting

Ready to find out where you fit in and stand out in the market in a way that’s empowering and supportive?

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!


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