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Is this your current business clarity and brand messaging reality?

As a brand messaging consultant, I know you have a unique purpose to fulfill as a consultant or coach.

You know it too. The problem?

You just don’t know have the words to describe it – or even where to begin.

You have ton of strengths and experiences, but you don’t know which ones to focus on or how to package them in a way that resonates with clients.

You are aware that you need a website, but you have no idea where to begin.

You’re probably overwhelmed all that you need to do build your personal brand and authority in the market and get clients…

…and do all of this in alignment with your gifts, passions and values.

As YOUR branding consultant and messaging coach, I can personally guide you through this whole personal branding building process so that you have that essential clarity and confidence in the unique value of what you do as a consultant or coach with the compelling messages that gets clients excited to work with you.


A Consulting or Coaching Brand that Reflects the Essence of Who You Authentically Are 

A personal brand can be a lot of things. It’s your business strategy. It’s how you show up in the market. It’s what makes you stand out.

The work I do with my clients goes beyond that. It’s about uncovering your true purpose as a consultant or coach and building your personal brand in alignment with who you are at your core.

Then we’ll craft the words that are a genuine expression of the remarkable value that you uniquely create for the clients you’re meant to serve through your consulting or coaching.

Why You Need a Brand Messaging Consultant 

I get how important it is to you to get this right. You want to attract the most aligned clients to you. And you want your consulting or coaching business to deliver on your life priorities.

But figuring this all can be overwhelming…and very vulnerable.

When you join me in this program, I’ll guide you through each step with a combination of directness AND compassion. I’ll push you to achieve your full potential as a consultant and coach, while giving you a safe container to wrestle with the normal fears and imposter syndrome that are a necessary part of your transformational journey.

By the end of our time together, you’ll emerge with rock solid clarity and confidence, along with the foundational messages, that will make the rest of what you need to do to launch your dream business and brand and get clients feel almost effortless.

Book a call now to see if I can be YOUR brand consultant!

Get Personalized, Step-by-Step Guidance from a Branding AND Consulting/Coaching Industry Expert

Through our work together, you will:

 Get personal branding and messaging support from someone who knows the consulting and coaching industry inside and out and how to package what you do in a way that connects with your clients.

 Grow the RIGHT business by getting crystal-clear on your most promising niche and how you'll actually make money as a consultant or coach.

 Clarify your brand promise by honing in on how your unique strengths and experiences create tremendous value for your ideal clients.

 Craft irresistible consulting/coaching offers that are exactly what your ideal clients want to say “yes” to and pay you for.

 Develop foundational messages that make it easy for you to write and talk about what you do and get people to lean in and want to learn more.

✔ Develop your promotional and visibility plan so that you can consistently attract and land clients.

 Avoid common pitfalls and expensive trial and error that waste your time and mess with your self-confidence.

Why New & Aspiring Consultants & Coaches Sign Up for This Program

"Betsy helped me transition from employment to entrepreneurship with greater ease and confidence." 

"I was transitioning from a 25+ year leadership career in pursuit of a dream to start my own business. I tried DIY programs but was stuck. Betsy helped me fast-track the launch my business, with more clarity, confidence and far less stress."

Denise Musselwhite, Executive Coach & Consultant

"Betsy helped me embrace the business that I didn't realize I spent my entire life building." 

"I had an idea for my business but didn't know how to frame a concise message to attract clients. I built a website and started marketing and didn't get any results until I met Betsy. Now, I am building the business and life that I desire."

Jah-Kyle HowardTransformation Speaker & Coach

"Betsy helped me move from generic marketing messages to what will definitely resonate with my clients." 

"Betsy's coaching was so positive and encouraging which always put me in a proactive place. Her help was invaluable in helping me move away from generic marketing messages to what will definitely resonate with my ideal clients."

Rachel Simone, Dating Coach

What You’ll Get in Your Brand Messaging Journey

Personalized 1:1 Brand Coaching Calls

I'll personally guide you 1:1 over zoom to go through each step to get you to rock-solid brand clarity and compelling brand messages.

On-Call Access

You’re bound to have questions in between our sessions, which is why you’ll get unlimited access to me via WhatsApp.

Compassionate Support

When fears pop up (not IF but when), you’ll have a safe place to wrestle with them and figure out the support they need to come along with you on your branding journey.

Action Sheets, Templates, Resources, and More!

The contemplation that is necessary for this work can be hard. To make it easier, and to maximize our 1:1 time, I’ll give you a variety of reflection exercises, templates and worksheets.

Bonus: Private Mastermind

A supportive community, filled with people who get what you’re working through and share your values can make your whole brand building process easier AND a lot more fun! In this bonus, you’ll join your colleagues for weekly peer coaching, training and support.

So, are you ready to get clear and confident in your unique consulting and coaching brand?

Your first step is book a free Brand Strategy Call so we can create your custom brand messaging solution.

Prices start at $4999

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Why Seasoned Consultants & Coaches Sign Up for This Program

"Betsy helped me confidently explain what I did, land more clients and offer inclusive programs (vs. undervalued hourly offers)" 

"The way I was describing what I was doing were not hitting the target. Betsy helped me figure out what sets me apart from others in the field and create a program of inclusive services, instead of an undervalued hourly offer. I am more clear and confident about what I offer and comfortable explaining what I do."   

Sari Goodman, Parenting Coach

"I now have a website that is a perfect representation of my brand that appeals to and converts clients!" 

"I was relying on networking and word of mouth get clients which made it hard to scale my business. Betsy helped me get clear on who my client is, the problems I solve and the solutions I provide. She helped me build a website that is not only a perfect representation of my brand and resonates and appeals to potential clients. I've already closed over $200k in new sales!"

Scott Martin, CFO on Demand

"Since working with Betsy we are winning more meaningful and profitable work and every contract we bid for!" 

"We were struggling with landing the client jobs we most wanted to win and going after larger contracts. Betsy helped us refine how we communicated our value to potential clients. As a result, we have landed all contracts we proposed. We are confidently pitching and winning more meaningful and profitable work."  

Peggy Riley & Hilary Duwe, Branding Strategists & Designers

"Betsy helped me dramatically up-level my coaching rate and premium brand image" 

"As a result of working with Betsy, I now have better offers and a new trusted advisor program that has allowed me to step up my pricing, serve more clients, make a bigger impact, without adding on a lot more work."

Katie AndersonBest Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant & Coach


...The value of personalized guidance that brings clarity and confidence to your dream consulting or coaching business.

Say goodbye to unclear messaging and imposter syndrome. Say hello to traction your goals, accelerated success and a business and life that you truly love.

"We ditched the business idea that we thought we should do and embraced the one that we’re passionate about and now opportunities are opening up."

Josh & Kristy Groce, Founders of Couples on Fire

"Betsy helped me create a business that reflects the work I love the most. I achieved goals and am confident in my ability to build my business." 

Lori Smith, President, Lori Smith Consulting

“Betsy helped me crystallize the type of client I’m looking for and the value I offer them. She shortened my learning curve and set me up for success.”

Bill Carl Johnson, President, The BCJ Group

Your Path to a Clear, Unique and Authentic Consulting or Coaching Brand

Here's the steps that I'll guide you through to bring your dream consulting or coaching business and breakthrough brand to life!

Check out my success stories for the ROI you'll get from this exclusive VIP Personal Branding Experience


What would it be worth to you to finally be able to communicate the true value of what you do as a consultant or coach?

Think about all the times you've drawn a blank when trying to explain what you have. Consider the missed opportunities because your business vision is muddy.

What would be worth to you to have FINALLY have the words that resonate with clients and get them excited to work with you?

You'd wake up with a clear focus, knowing exactly what you need to do to do to launch your business and get clients (EVEN if those tasks are new to you.) You'd go to bed with the satisfaction that comes from knowing you're on track to realizing your full potential as a consultant, coach, and entrepreneur.

With my Brand Messaging & Positioning VIP Experience, this dream can become a reality.

It's time for you to get out there and make money and a difference, doing the consulting or coaching you love!




Getting the right words to describe the unique value of what you do can feel impossible - especially if you have a lot of strengths and experiences. I can help you get to the heart of what you do as a consultant or coach and give you the right words that resonate with your clients and gets them to want to work with you!

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