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Don't Just Be Different. Be You in All You Do.

Personalized guidance to help you discover and own your unique

Brand Messaging
& Positioning

Don't Just Be Different. Be You in All You Do.

Personalized one-on-one coaching to help you discover and own your unique

Brand Messaging & Positioning

You're so much more than a consultant and coach...

...more than your methodology...

...and way more than a service provider, vendor or extra "pair of hands"!

It's time for you to uncover and own the exceptional value of what you do and your point of differentiation in the marketplace.

When your brand is unclear...

  • People are confused about what you do
  • You get "Hit or miss" marketing results
  • You avoid networking out of fear of being asked what you do
  • You hold off on starting your business
  • You procrastinate on marketing and following up on opportunities

When your brand is clear...

  • You have focus for your website copy, marketing strategies, content, and more!
  • People you want to work with say, "Where have you been? I need you!"
  • Your ideal clients notice you and it's easy for other people to refer clients to you
  • You no longer dread or avoid marketing and sales
  • You own your worth and get paid accordingly

What else clear brand messaging & positioning can do for you...

Attract Clients with Predicability and Ease

  • Build a reliable client pipeline
  • Establish your credibility
  • Build powerful client relationships

Elevate your Marketplace Perception

  • Carve out and own your niche
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Blow away the competition by making them irrelevant

Build a Strong Business Foundation

  • Land bigger opportunities
  • Get paid for wisdom not time
  • Charge premium fees 

But the Real Value?

Clarity & Confidence To Build a Business You Love

"We ditched the business idea that we thought we should do and embraced the one that we’re passionate about and now opportunities are opening up."

Josh & Kristy Groce, Founders of Couples on Fire

"I discovered who I was meant to serve and voice what was in my heart that I was struggling to find the words to express. This has changed the future of my business."

Sarah Gleeson, President, Sarah Gleeson International

"I now know who I am as a coach and who I serve.  I target only the people who I want to work with and it has opened up a new network of contacts for me."

Rachelle Stone, President, R. Stone Consulting & Coaching


The Work We'll Do Together

We'll provide you personalized support and guidance through weekly coaching sessions to help you undercover and language your business DNA and your point of differentiation in the market. Through these coaching sessions we will:

Pinpoint Your Ideal and Most Profitable Client

We'll uncover the client that you love to work with and who will love working with you (and will gladly pay you what you're worth).

We'll tap into their hearts and minds to uncover their unmet and under-met needs and the real reasons why they will want to work with you.

Discover & Own
Your Superpowers

Together, we'll weave together your story, experience and strengths into a marketable expertise. 

Using our Internal Boardroom™ Signature Framework, we'll take you beyond the traditional personality tests to uncover what makes what you do unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Articulate Your
Value Proposition

We'll find the words to express the value your superpowers create for your ideal clients. 

You'll be ready with an engaging response next time you're asked, "So what do you?"

You'll have headlines to use for your website and social media profiles.

You'll Also Get

Unlimited On-Call Access

You'll get access to us between sessions via email or text.

Shared Dropbox Folder

We'll create a shared Dropbox folder for session notes and recordings.

Purpose to Profits Course

You'll get lifetime access to our signature online course. 


Optional Add-On Services

Visual Branding Design

Get the creative design assets - logo, fonts, color palette - to ensure you have a high-quality and cohesive brand image

Website Design

We'll build you a credible website that converts on the all-in-one Kajabi platform

Website Copy Coaching

We'll help you write website copy that gets your client's attention and motivates them to learn more

Marketing & Sales Implementation

We'll help you set up your systems to consistently attract and land clients

Ready to unleash the power of your best-at strengths?

Be inspired by how CLARITY and CONFIDENCE in the value of what you do transforms your business development!


Getting Started

Our Brand Messaging & Positioning process works because it's collaborative.

TOGETHER we'll uncover and language the authentically unique value you offer.

Because of the personalized and sacred nature of this work, the first step is to book a free intro call so we can co-create the best approach that will work for your starting point, learning style and budget.


The ROI of Personalized Support

"Through working with Betsy, I overcame my limiting belief that I couldn’t help the people I wanted to help, and they wouldn’t be willing to pay for the kind of services I can provide. I know now I can."

Brandon Buillard, Brandon Beeyard Creative

"As a result of working with Betsy, I have clarity on my ideal client, my niche, my purpose, and overall vision for my business. This brings on an inner peace and confidence."

Carlien Doevendans, MidLife Coach

Grab your Guide to Creating Your Breakthrough Brand

Get an inside peek at a brand-building strategy that works for Disney and consultants and coaches like you. With my 5-step approach, you'll have the power words to attract and connect with the clients who need you!