Work with Me

Achieve success and significance by clarifying the value of what you do

Let's find your voice, refine your message and create an online presence that empowers you to make money and a difference...doing what you love!

Work with Me

Achieve success and significance by clarifying the value of what you do.

Let's find your voice, refine your message and create an online presence empowers you to make money and a difference...doing what you love.

"I have no idea how to describe the value of what I do!"

Sound familiar?

You know how you have a lot of to offer your clients as a consultant and coach.

But finding the words to express that value can seen overwhelming, I know.

It's hard to figure out how to describe your services in a way that interests and engages clients.

It's embarrassing to get blank stares when trying to explain what you do.

It's agonizing trying to figure out your pricing strategy and fees

Especially when YOU are the product. YOU are the brand.

Let's be honest, it downright SUCKS!

  • You spend hours and hours trying to determine what your business is all about and how to stand out on your own...but you're still stuck.
  • You try different marketing tactics like posting on social media and networking...but you're not seeing any results.
  • You've joined group programs, signed up for webinars, listened to podcasts...and you still feel like you're spinning your wheels.

The thing doesn't have to be this way. 

Turn Confusion into Traction by
Clarifying Your Unique Brand Position & Messaging

Each month I enroll a limited number of new and seasoned consultants and coaches into my private two-month coaching program.

This custom program offers personalized, one-on-one guidance through the process of creating a positioning strategy that sets you apart from the crowd and messaging that magnetically appeals to the clients who cannot wait to work with you

(and who will gladly pay you what you're worth.)


What's included in this CLARITY and CONFIDENCE
building program?

Identify your ideal business model

Not sure what kind of business you want to build? We'll clarify your business intentions and goals to ensure that you achieve ALL your priorities. 

Articulate your value proposition

We'll mine your experience and natural wiring to pinpoint and describe what makes you different and intensely valuable for the clients you want to serve. 

Frame and price your services

We'll describe and price your offers in a way that makes working with you the obvious, no-brainer solution and get you paid for the value create (not time.) 

Scan the market

We'll gather outside perspective on the market needs and where you fit and stand out by talking to real live clients - those you have worked with and those you'd REALLY like to.

Build your marketing strategy

We'll choose visibility tactics that suit your skills, preferences, and reach your ideal clients so you can attract and convert them consistently (without the ick feeling about marketing)

Stand out from the crowd

We'll choose a positioning strategy and build you a brand that sets you apart from your competitors and draws in clients who will treat you and pay you a partner (vs. a service provider)

You Get

One-on-One Coaching

2 months of weekly one-on-one 60-minute Zoom sessions to give you personalized guidance, support and accountability.

Experienced Guide

Proven best practices from a consultant, coach, entrepreneur and marketing expert who gets what you do and the market you want to serve.

On-Demand Training

Training videos, comprehensive action sheets and templates to reduce your learning experience and maximize your coaching time. 

Business Storytelling Scripts

Scripts and practice to help you effectively share what do you in a way that engages potential clients and referrals to potential clients.

Unlimited On-Call Access

Email and WhatsApp access for questions about your brand building AND real-time client opportunities.

Shared Notes & Recordings

A shared Dropbox with notes and recordings from each session.


Let's work together to 

Create your Breakthrough Brand!

The investment in this program is $8500 but let me tell about the ROI you'll get.

Running your own profitable, purpose-driven business can profoundly change your career and life. I know this firsthand. After 12 profitable years in business and 8 years of mentoring others to do the same, I can honestly say that the pursuit of success AND significance is one of the most rewarding journeys you can take. 

When you align your business to who you authentically are and the difference you want to make, you will have the confidence to:

  • Take control over how you're seen in the market and the results you achieve
  • Market yourself without hesitation
  • Ask clients to work with you and pay you what you're worth

Don't wait a minute longer.

Get clear.
Get focused.
Get moving in the right direction.

Schedule a call today.

(Payment plans are available.)


The Impact & ROI of Having a Clear & Differentiated Brand

“Betsy helped me crystallize the type of client I’m looking for and the value I offer them. She shortened my learning curve and set me up for success.”

Bill Carl Johnson
President, The BCJ Group

"Betsy helped me create a business that reflects the work I love the most. I achieved goals and am confident in my ability to build my business." 

President, Lori Smith Consulting


And that's not all...

I also offer End-to-End Creative Services

Once we have broken through your blocks and created the vision of your brand, I, along with my creative team, can help you manifest your vision online and beyond.

Visual Branding Design

Get the creative design assets - logo, fonts, color palette - for a high-quality and cohesive brand image

Custom Website Design

My design team will custom build you a credible website that converts on the all-in-one Kajabi platform

Copywriting that Converts

My copywriting team will write engaging copy that converts website visitors into clients. 

Content that Converts

I'll show you how to create and leverage content to establish yourself as an expert and attract clients 


Check out our latest Website Design Projects

PLUS...You'll Be Backed by My Guarantee

Clarity doesn't always come on command. Sometimes the muse takes its sweet time. AS LONG AS YOU SHOW UP, attend our coaching sessions, complete your homework and assignments, I will work with you for as long as it takes to complete the deliverables we agree on...for NO ADDITIONAL EXPENSE CONSIDERATION. 

Don't wait another moment to get clear about your brand and value so you can...

Consistently Attract Clients

  • Build a reliable client pipeline
  • Establish your credibility
  • Build powerful client relationships

Build Premium Brand Image

  • Carve out and own your niche
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Blow away the competition by making them irrelevant

Get Paid What You're Worth

  • Land bigger opportunities
  • Get paid for wisdom not time
  • Charge premium fees 

Get the Clarity & Confidence to
Build a Business You Love

"We ditched the business idea that we thought we should do and embraced the one that we’re passionate about and now opportunities are opening up."

Josh & Kristy Groce, Founders of Couples on Fire

"I discovered who I was meant to serve and voice what was in my heart that I was struggling to find the words to express. This has changed the future of my business."

Sarah Gleeson, President, Sarah Gleeson International

"I now know who I am as a coach and who I serve.  I target only the people who I want to work with and it has opened up a new network of contacts for me."

Rachelle Stone, President, R. Stone Consulting & Coaching


The ROI of Personalized Support

"Through working with Betsy, I overcame my limiting belief that I couldn’t help the people I wanted to help, and they wouldn’t be willing to pay for the kind of services I can provide. I know now I can."

Brandon Buillard, Brandon Beeyard Creative

"As a result of working with Betsy, I have clarity on my ideal client, my niche, my purpose, and overall vision for my business. This brings on an inner peace and confidence."

Carlien Doevendans, MidLife Coach

Grab your Guide to Creating Your Breakthrough Brand

Get an inside peek at a brand-building strategy that works for Disney and consultants and coaches like you. With my 5-step approach, you'll have the power words to attract and connect with the clients who need you!

How to Create a "What I Do" Statement That Will Get You Clients