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Success Story:

Dali Hammouch

"I overcame imposter syndrome and launched my dream business"  

Dali Hammouch, a seasoned Chief Learning Officer, transitioned into his dream consulting business in less than 4 months by partnering with Betsy Jordyn on his Brand Messaging & Website Design.

Dali's Pivot from Chief Learning Officer to Transformational Change Consultant & Coach

“Betsy really cares about her client’s success and will work diligently to make sure they get to the finish line. She not only works on the business side of each client partnership, but her expertise as a coach and OD consultant, enables her to work on removing the client's self-limiting beliefs, biases and imposter syndrome that may hinder their progress.”

- Dali Hammouch


Dali was struggling with the transition from a corporate employee to business owner. He was getting overwhelmed with trying to build his business on his own and making sense of all the contradicting resources, offers, and content out there.


  • Through my Brand Messaging & Positioning mentoring, Dali was able to find his voice as a transformational coach and mentor, step into his gifts, and get clarity on the services and the clients he wanted to serve.
  • By working with my team on his website (designed in both English and French), Dali built a credible online platform that established him as a premium brand…right out of the gate.
  • As a member of the Purpose to Profits Academy, Dali was able to grow his expertise on how to connect with his clients and market his services.


Dali launched his dream business in only 3-4 months, which would have taken him more than a year if he had done it on his own, with far less stress. Dali is more confident about this new phase of his career.

Dali's Projects with Betsy Jordyn

✔ Brand Messaging & Positioning
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design
✔ Mastermind Community

Visual Branding & Logo Design

Logo Design
Color Palette

Custom Website Design - Sample Pages

Customized Background

Home Page

About Page

Contact Page

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