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Success Story:

Scott Martin

"I instantly closed over $200K in new sales!"

Scott Martin revitalized his fractional CFO business into a standout brand, quickly generating over $200K in new business shortly after the debut of his website, custom-designed by Betsy Jordyn and her team.

Scott's Transformation from Hourly Service Provider into Premium Brand


Scott was primarily relying on networking and word of mouth to acquire clients. He had a vague idea of what his brand was but wasn't leveraging it or even defining it which made client qualification and lead generation sloppy and difficult. Naturally, he attempted to create his own web presence and brand on his own, but his web designs were unattractive as he knew nothing about design.


  • Through one-on-one mentoring, we worked on transforming Scott’s mindset and approach to selling himself
  • We then worked on helping him build a strong understanding of who his ideal clients are, the problems he solves, and what he does
  • My team custom-designed a website that was a perfect representation of Scott’s brand but more importantly, resonates and appeals to potential clients which gives him amazing credibility


Scott instantly closed over $200k in sales within days of the launch of his website. As importantly, Scott shifted his thinking about what does from an hourly service provider for hire to a premium brand. The experience propelled his thinking and how he presented himself to the public to a higher level. He is definitely more confident in not only himself and the opportunities out there for him.

Scott's Projects with Betsy Jordyn

✔ Brand Messaging & Marketing Makeover
✔ Visual Branding & Logo Design
✔ Custom Website Design

Visual Branding & Logo Design

Logo Design
Color Palette
Fonts & Typekit

Custom Website Design - Sample Pages

Home Page

Services Page

About Page

Customized Background

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