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Are You at a Crossroads in Your Career or Business? Kathleen Ochab Can Help You Move Forward

inspiring interviews & case studies Apr 25, 2024

We’ve all been there. Standing at a career crossroads, staring into the unknown, wondering “What on earth do I do next?”

Whether you’re thinking about leaving your secure 9-5 to start your own consulting or coaching business or pivot your existing business from one you like to one you love, the confusion on which way to go can feel overwhelming!

But what is this moment of uncertainty that could be your biggest opportunity yet? That’s exactly what my guest Kathleen Ochab and I dive into on my latest episode of the Enough Already podcast.

Kathleen is a former HR executive with experience in world-class companies like Disney and Wyndham Vacation Ownership. A near-death experience provided the catalyst for Kathleen to turn her career into a coaching business owner.

When you dive into this episode, you’ll hear compassionate and actionable strategies for how to overcome fear and get clarity on what direction to take when you’re at this crossroads. You’ll also be inspired by how a near-death experience provided the catalyst that Kathleen needed to own and hone this unique coaching expertise. And now she is living her career dreams but helping others activate theirs!

Before you let security and comfort decide your career direction, tune in now and discover:

  • Why you should expect uncomfortable career crossroads, especially if you’re a growth-oriented professional
  • How to manage your emotions and why leaning into them is the fastest way through them
  • When to hire a coach or mentor (and how to choose the right one for you)
  • The psychology of getting outside and in nature and why it’s the ideal hack to get out of “analysis paralysis”
  • The three types of career changes (and how to choose the right change strategy to accelerate your transition)
  • How to jumpstart your next career transition by what you do with THIS career transition

If you have a dream for the next chapter of your career – whether it’s to start your own consulting or coaching business or take your existing one to the next level – but feel stuck and don’t know which ways to go, click play and let Kathleen give the inspiration to move forward.

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If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to connect with Katheen Ochab on LinkedIn or on her website. Heads up – her near-death experience and subsequent brain injury will absolutely inspire you!

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Remember, no matter how nebulous your career crossroads feels, you can find your way forward. As Kathleen encourages – this situation is here FOR you, even if it doesn’t feel like that right now.


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