#10: Here's a Quick Way to Overcome Resistance to Change

podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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One of the biggest lies we all believe in is that "It's nothing personal - it's just business." The truth is that when it comes to organizational change - everything is personal. 

Changes that impact workflow and organizational structure affect more than process efficiency and the bottom-line. They also redefine the work that someone does everyday, who is on their team and future career opportunities.

Ask anyone whose job was eliminated as a consequence of organizational change - and they will tell you how personal it felt!

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

The one thing you need to understand about handling resistance to change is that when it comes to change, it feels to most people, "It's nothing business and it's all personal."

People who resist change are not evil, slow or backwards. Resistance is a natural by-product of how our brains are wired to help us survive. 

In this week's podcast I'll be sharing with you a bit of...

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#11: How to Position Yourself as a Credible Consultant

2 - land clients podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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Do you know the ONE thing that will have the biggest impact on your ability to provide amazing consulting solutions to highly influential senior leaders?

Is it your technique abilities and unique certifications?

Is it your business acumen and ability to speak the language of business?

Is it your aggressiveness to convince a senior leader to include you in their strategic work?

While those things are important, they are not nearly as critical as mastering your ability to POSITION yourself as a strategic partner.

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

In this podcast, I introduce you to the concept of Partnership Set Up - my unique approach to landing consulting clients. 

You see, when it comes to consulting to change, it's not enough get to get a client to agree to working with you. You have to create the conditions where you are perceived and leveraged as a strategic partner.

They don't automatically think of you as a...

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#12: Who Else Wants To Make Marketing Effortless and Fun?

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Here's a common conundrum. 

Smart and values-driven consultants typically don't like marketing. Yet they hate being the world's best kept secret.

Same goes for internal consultants. Just because you have an official role in the organization to support leaders through change and transition doesn't mean that they are aware of who you are and how to best leverage your expertise. 

In this week's podcast - I have one goal: to reframe your perception of marketing.

It's not a chore you have to get through in order to finally get to the work. It IS the work. It IS the first opportunity you have to serve clients that have needs that you care very much about.

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#14: 7 Steps to Establishing Credibility With Your Next High-Paying Client

2 - land clients podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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Do you the one meeting that will literally change your client's life and define your entire client engagement and earning potential?

It's the meeting that some might call a Discovery Meeting, Free Consult or Complimentary Strategy Session. Regardless of how you refer to this discussion with a potential client who expresses interest in working with you, how you handle it determines:

  • Your contract size and scope
  • Your closing potential for this contract (and the next one and the one after that)
  • How your client perceives you as either a strategic partner or an "order taker" or "extra pair of hands"
Why You Need to Listen To This Week's Podcast

In this podcast from my series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business," I'll walk you through exactly what you need to do and say to set up your consulting to maximize your contribution, credibility and compensation potential. 

You'll discover the four outcomes that you...

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#15: 5 Ways To Pivot Your Client From Solution Wants to Business Performance Needs

2 - land clients podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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When it comes to consulting, the client isn't always right.

More often the solution that they want isn't what they really need and what will create the results that truly matter the most to them.

It's not that they aren't smart or haven't thought through what will solve their challenges prior to calling a consultant like you. It's simply because they suffer from that "nose to the windowpane syndrome" meaning that they are too close to their challenges. 

Which is exactly why they need you!

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

In this podcast, I share with you five ways to pivot your client from their requested methodology and what they say that they want towards a meaningful conversation around that they need which is the bridging of their business performance gaps.

Business performance gaps reflect the distance between where your clients are today and where they want to be.

Your goal as a consultant isn't to simply fulfill their order for a...

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#16: Framing and Empathy (the Little Known Way to Establishing Consulting Credibility)

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In this week's podcast I want to share with you the one skill, literally the one skill that will transform your consulting practice and your positioning as a strategic business partner within the organization. This one skill - this is the one thing that you need to master to overcome resistance, establish credibility and build buy-in.

This skill isn't project management or writing a business plan.  I call it "Framing and Empathy" which is another way of describing how to create a connection with your client and give him or her the gift of being heard.

Why You Need to Listen To This Week's Podcast

You don't establish credibility with listing your credentials or name-dropping past clients. Instead, you leverage framing and empathy to demonstrate to your client that you get them. You get their challenges and you get why resolving them matters. Armed with this ability you have the platform and position to influence a client to take action on...

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#17: Here is a Method That Is Helping Consultants Land More High-Paying Contracts (Without Shameless Self-Promotion)

2 - land clients podcasts Aug 06, 2018

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Need to earn more money from your consulting but hate sales? I have some great news! You don't have to.

You don't have to become a shameless self-promoter or get overly aggressive with your pricing in order to increase your compensation.

All you need is to learn how to become a proactive advocate - the sane and integrity-filled way of landing high-paying consulting contracts.

Why You Need to Listen to This Week's Podcast

In my latest podcast from the series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business," I expose for you why you do and should hate sales...and I give you a better alternative. 

You'll learn about how to become a proactive advocate who knows how to recommend solutions that are a client's best interest. You'll also discover why holding tight to a service mentality is just good business - for both you and your client and how this type of mentality translates into why it is in your client's best interest for you to...

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#18: If You Can Follow a Recipe, You Can Deliver a Six-Figure Consulting Engagement

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Congratulations! Your marketing efforts have paid off and now you have a lead. And you may be wondering, "What the heck do I do with them?"

If that is the case, you will definitely want to listen to this week's podcast from the series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business."

When you tune in, you'll discover the 5 Steps of the Consulting Engagement Cycle.

Many consultants hold back on their marketing out of that unspoken fear of not exactly knowing what to do with a lead once they get one. The consulting engagement cycle is the answer. When you know what you'll do with a lead, it transforms your results in every way possible.


  • Land more work
  • Increase your per contract fees
  • Increase the number of contracts you land per client
  • Create more powerful client results
  • Get more referrals from your raving fans
  • AND more confidently market yourself and ask for what you're worth
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#19: Top Solutions Every Consultant Should Know

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 In this week's podcast from my series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business," I am going to take you on a virtual "Solution Safari" to give you the big picture of all the ways you can offer and deliver dramatic value to your clients.

When you listen in, you'll be able to make sense of all of the consulting services you can offer and when to use them. You'll know what situations call for strategy, organization redesign, leadership development, training, coaching and so much more. 

Why struggle with cracking the code on how to make great money as a consultant? With clarity and insight into the variety of ways you can create results, you can effortless land additional work because you'll know how to offer greater client value that naturally warrants higher fees.

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#20: How Good Companies Grow into World-Class Market Leaders

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There is no such thing as organizational change. As consultants, we should NEVER put our clients in the position to become something that they are not.

That said - organizations and leaders go through different stages of growth. In order to grow they must evolve and adapt their operating and leadership practices to match where they are at in their organizational life cycle.

Why You Need to Listen In

If you have any aspirations to empower organizations to go from good to great or great to even greater, you must listen in to this week's podcast from my series "Consulting Matters: Mastering the Art & Science of the Business" so you can get the big picture of that transformational journey entails. In this podcast you'll learn:

  • The four stages of growth a company goes through
  • The predictable issues and challenges that come with each stage and what is required to move to the next phase
  • Five key principles that you have to keep in mind if you are...
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