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"Purpose to Profits" Blog

Actionable inspiration, expert interviews, and behind-the-scenes consulting and coaching secrets and best practices...all tied together by my mission to empower you to 
Turn Your Purpose as a Consultant or Coach into Profitable Reality!


Welcome to the "Enough Already" Blog

Actionable inspiration, expert interview and behind-the-scenes consulting and coaching secrets and best practices...all tied together by my mission to empower you to
Get Seen and Paid What You're Worth

Nail Your Consulting or Coaching Niche with 5 Simple Strategies (and Get it Right the First Time)

Are you feeling stuck in your business, struggling to attract the right clients, or just plain overwhelmed with how to define your niche?

Trust me, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and so have all the clients I work with in my brand messaging programs…at first!


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Five Things To Know About Your Ideal Client

Today, we're talking about the five simple steps to developing your ideal client archetype, which builds on what we talked about in my last two blogs, why people don't get it when you speak and write about what you do and what is ideal client archetype and why you need one. So if you missed...

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How To Align Your Business To Your Superpowers with Renee Brauns

Is your business aligned to your superpowers? 

If not, get ready for some actionable tips and guidance from Renee Brauns to make that happen.

Renee worked her way up into leadership roles. The logical next step in her career was not a repeat of what she's already done but to create something...

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Four Types of Superpowers for Consultants and Coaches

Are you ready to find your superpower? 

Even though you've taken personality tests and can easily list your strengths, you may still be unclear about what you do that makes you unique and intensely valuable to the people you want to serve.

You might even know how your approach...

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10 Ways to Use the Fool Archetype to Increase Your Consulting Success

Today is April Fool's Day. Doesn't feel like a day to be pranking each other given the current global health and economic crisis. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the Fool archetype.

I am a massive fan of mythology and archetypes. In fact, I love the archetypes so much that I became...

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