5 Best Practices to Tap into Your Intellectual Property

If you struggle with transforming what your vast experiences and insight into concepts and skills that are transferable to your current and future clients, don't worry. You are not alone. 

To help you manifest your intellectual property that you can use in your content marketing and consulting delivery, let me give you Five Best Practices to help you get started:

  • First, look at the problems your clients typically ask you to solve. Do they want you to alleviate pain? (e.g., they no longer enjoy the business results they once did; their leaders are floundering; they must cut costs; etc.). Or do they need help in maximizing opportunities? (e.g., they want to be market leaders, but don’t know where to start; they want to publicize their assets, but are having no success at doing so; etc.) Now, consider this: The reason that a client calls you in is a clue what to your expertise is.
  • Second, analyze how you think about the problems or opportunities facing you. A...
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Why Every Executive Needs a Sounding Board

As consultants, we struggle with determining new ways we can add client value. We wrack our brains for breakthrough products and services or new content and resources to engage our clients. However, we are missing the one thing that we do that adds the most value which is when we serve our clients simply as sounding board.

All senior executives have a ton on their plates and on minds...and not a lot of people that they can talk to that do not have an agenda or expectations for them to be in perfect control all times. But when we, as consultant,s offer our think partnership to them, we provide a SAFE PLACE to help them sift through clutter and chaos to more quickly set to clarity in terms of both thoughts and desired action, so that results they seek can be accelerated and realized. 

When we act as an executive sounding board we provide significant benefits:

Common Vantage Point:

In contrast to client's direct reports and peers, we can see the world from THEIR point...

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7 Best Practices for a New Leader Assimilation

When a leader assumes a new position, the first 90 days are critical. It sets the tone for their tenure and determines employee expectations. You, as a consultant, have a unique opportunity to provide essential and critical support that will make or break both this leader's effectiveness and organizational performance. 

Here's 7 best practices that you can share with your clients to make sure that they transition well into their new role and quickly gain trust and connection with their direct reports. 

1. Do Nothing.

The first thing they should do is nothing. Do not introduce any sweeping change initiatives. And do NOT fire anyone right away. It is important for me to say that again: Do NOT fire anyone. Any change effort at this point will be viewed with skepticism, because employees are of the opinion that the new leader doesn't really know or understand them or their business yet, and are thus unable to make informed decisions.

Action Ideas For Your Clients to...

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4 Sneaky Myths That are Messing with Your Consulting Success Mojo (and How to Debunk Them)

4 - mindset mastery Jan 08, 2017

I know one thing for sure about you. You have great value to offer your current and future clients. You can sense it, right? You can feel it…your track record tells you it’s true. You see so many other people out there making tons of money consulting and you think to yourself, “Why not me?” (Even if you already have earned money consulting.) I know that you see your potential and you have the mojo to go after it. Yet something is getting in your way.

Mojo is such a great word when it comes to pursuing big dreams like building a thriving consulting practice. It’s not just about courage. It’s that magic power and “it” factor that is so crucial when going into the unknown world of both starting a consulting practice and then taking success to a whole new level.

But you experience what I call the 3 “S’s” That Steal Mojo. You feel stupid because you don’t know how to get your value out to the world....

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How to Get Started in O.D. (Without the Degree)

The one question I am asked almost weekly is, “How do I get started in Organization Development?” After 20 years in the field, I am starting to see that to excel as an organizational consultant is less about specialized knowledge and skills and more about a way of perceiving and thinking. Let me explain.

The best consultants I have worked do not all have masters’ degrees. Some don’t even have undergraduate degrees. What they do have in common are these five attributes:

  1. They have mastered systems thinking which means they get how organizations function in order to create value. They have an intuitive understanding that in order to improve a business result like customer service, many internal performance levers such as customer insight, employee performance expectations, service processes, employee training & selection as well as leadership performance and culture need to be enhanced and aligned.
  2. They have a vision for what organizational health looks...
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4 Soul-Sucking Myths About Burnout (and How to Debunk Them)

4 - mindset mastery Jan 08, 2017

It’s Sunday night and that dread is kicking in. All the responsibilities that you once were able to manage so effortlessly are starting to drain you. You feel lost wondering where all your passion went. Do you need a vacation or it is something more?

If this sounds like you, there is a good chance that you are more than tired. You are burnt out.

And I get it. I have been there, done that and have not just the t-shirt but the whole clothing line! Stress today IS for real getting worse. The pressure for delivering immediate and ongoing results at work AND managing the complexity of home life is intense.

As a recovering burnt out high achieving woman, I wanted to share with you four soul-sucking myths about burnout and replace them with much needed truths that are grounded in scientific fact to help you rise above burnout and allow it to become an agent of transformation and growth.


Burnout is real. It is more than being stressed. It is...

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Why High-Achieving Women Burn Out

4 - mindset mastery Jan 08, 2017

At some point or another, most high-achieving women have experienced burnout. Burnout is more than stress – it is excessive stress over a period of time that creates the conditions where the results that once came so naturally are almost impossible to come by. It is that sense of dread of burning the candles at both ends and not making any progress. It is that no-win guilt about never quite achieving that illusive work/life balance.

Most people who struggle with burnout don’t talk about it out of fear of being perceived as weak. But it is time to let science come in and bust that myth. Gender experts Louann Brizendine’s (author of “The Female Brain”) and Alison Armstrong have completely shifted my understanding of burnout so that I can appreciate the hidden gifts of burnout as well as create strategies for avoiding burnout in the future.

Here’s three insights from them that illustrate why burnout is actually...

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Why You Secretly Resist Work/Life Balance

4 - mindset mastery Jan 08, 2017

How many times this week have you been asked, “How are you?” and have responded with all too familiar, “Busy!”

Whatever happened to the pat answer, “Fine?”

Our culture has become ridiculously busy and as a consequence many of us suffer from what can be referred to as an addiction to busyness.

We may FEEL time poor and stressed out. But here’s the kicker. For many of us, we are not too busy simply because we feel societal pressure or need better time management. It is because we are addicted to being busy. Like all addicts, we are not crazy about the effects on our health, performance and well-being. But we like the “high” that being busy gives us.

Let me share with you four reasons why this addiction, this “too busy addiction”, is so powerful and even better than crack.

1. There’s a feel good chemical hit when we get stuff done.

On the outside we feel that we are “at our best” when...

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5 Website Mistakes That Jacked Up My Results (and How You Can Avoid Them)

When I first officially launched my business and first significant website in 2010, I was thrilled when I immediately saw all of my hard work and investment pay off. I was amazed when people from all around the world that I did not know asked for my consulting help…all because they found me on my website. No one was more surprised than me when I landed my first 6-figure gig with a company in the UK, with a client I never even met in person. I can literally trace $500K in revenue to leads generated strictly through my website.

But (and here’s the big but!) I got a ton of “constructive” feedback on my website on everything from the photo on my home page (“You look too much like a party girl”) to the language I used in my value proposition (“I still don’t know what you do…”) And so I made changes. Big Mistake! Huge!

The result of me taking action on the “constructive feedback”: My organic search...

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