Power Networking for Consultants

2 - land clients videos Oct 09, 2018

I am confident that you get how important networking is to your marketing system. You know that its an essential way for you to regularly meet and impress your future clients.

The question is: Are you making the most of these events?

Are you making the most of the events that you invest time and money to attend?

And as importantly - are you taking advantage of the networking events that you may not even realize you're attending every week?

Why You Need to Watch This Video

I put together this 10-minute mini-training on "How to Turn Networking Contacts into Consulting Contracts" to give you some instant ideas on how to make the most of your networking opportunities. In this video you'll discover:

  • How to choose the right events
  • Strategies to make authentic connections
  • Scripts on how to respond to inquiries on what you do
  • How to create action and next steps

Quick Win To Support Your Success

Here's a flow chart that shows you step-by-step how to make the most of your networking events.

Where You Might Get Stuck

Over the years there has been one particular roadblock that I watch both new and experienced consultants hit time and time again.  The truth is, I hit the same roadblock when I first started.

We all know we have tremendous value to offer our clients.

We can see the transformation that’s waiting for them….

…But when it comes time to put that value into words and communicate it to those same clients?

We freeze.

Unable to articulate our value.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

Take Action

  1. Get perspective. Your challenge is not because you don't have what it takes. It's simply because you're too close to see your own strengths and how they genuinely help others.
  2. Take time to go within. My article on "How to Turn Your Strengths into Consulting Success" will definitely get you started. 
  3. Ask for help. I designed my Business Build program to help you uncover your brand, articulate it in a powerful and compelling way and then manifest it on a world-class website that serves as the foundation of your marketing system.