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How to Overcome Your Fears & Build a Consulting or Coaching Business You Love

heart & mindset mastery organizational consulting & executive advising Jun 27, 2024

Ever feel like fear and self-doubt have your consulting or coaching business dreams in a chokehold? Like every time you want to take a step towards your goals, a little voice in your head whispers, “What if I fail? What if nobody will hire me? What if I wind up poor and losing everything?”

Let me tell you what NOT to do. Do NOT make the #1 biggest mistake that consultants or coaches make when dealing with the normal fear that comes with making a big career change like this, which is to silence it.

When you silence fear, it comes out sideways and becomes way more destructive.

Given that you might wonder, “What actions can I take to stop fear from sabotaging my success?”

This is exactly what I share in my latest Enough Already podcast episode.

What is Fear?

Fear is not your enemy. It’s not your “inner gremlin” who is hell bent on sabotaging your dreams. It’s simply an unpleasant emotion that alerts us to a threat to getting our normal human needs met. Our brains are wired to associate the unfamiliar with danger, using warnings to get us to react quickly. This is why fear pops up every time we step outside our comfort zones.

The Hidden Gifts of Fear

Fear, like pain, exists to alert us to potential harm and prompt us to take action to prevent harm. From this perspective, when you replace judgment and shame with fear you’ll start to experience its many gifts which include:

  • Validation that you’re on the right track towards getting your normal human need for self-actualization met
  • Identification of the other needs that deserve to be met through your consulting or coaching business such as financial stability, connection and community, competence and mastery and more
  • Showing you the path to wholeness and how to build a business that aligns with ALL your priorities – purpose, profits, and lifestyle
  • Equipping you with the strategies, skills, and mindset that will serve you at each inflection point of your business which is when fear once again will show up
  • Giving you insight into how to better help your future clients who are also likely in the middle of some type of career and life transformation

The Four Fears that Stand in the Way of Your Consulting or Coaching Potential

Now let’s get into the fears that all of us have (https://www.betsyjordyn.com/four-fears) from time to time.

1. Imposter Syndrome:

This fear questions your abilities and expertise, making you feel like you’re not qualified to claim the success you seek.

The inner dialogue you’ll hear when this fear is present includes:

Do I have what it takes to achieve my dreams?

When it comes to the work I want to do, am I a fraud?

Can I claim the expertise I want to claim?

How will I stand out? There are so many other consultants and coaches!

2. Fear of Rejection/Being Seen:

This fear is about the shame and vulnerability of putting yourself out there.

The inner dialogue you’ll hear when this fear is present includes:

What if I put myself out there and no one cares?

Are there clients who want what I have to offer?

What if I let down my loved ones who are depending on me?

How do I deal with the loneliness and isolation of working for and by myself?

3. Money Fear:

This fear is about your financial stability and the predictability of your income.

The inner dialogue you’ll hear when this fear is present includes:

How will I replace my income with consulting/coaching revenue?

How will I achieve predictability and consistency with my money?

How will I find enough clients to pay me what I’m worth (or at least what I’m making now?)

If I go after what I love, will it send me into the poorhouse?

4. Fear of Failure:

This fear is worry about investing time and money in a venture that won’t succeed (the embarrassment that comes with that failure)

The inner dialogue you’ll hear when this fear is present includes:

What if I fail?

What if I spent all this money and time on a business that fails?

How will I get ANY of my needs met if this venture doesn’t work?

How will I deal with starting over again?

Will I lose everything?

What will people think?

The Compassionate Approach to Overcoming Fear

Behind every fear is a human need that wants assurance that it will be met. That’s why you can’t silence or beat back fear. Tune in to the Enough Already podcast to learn the specific practical and compassionate strategies and tactics to use with each one of those fears.

When you get behind the fear to the need and make a plan to meet that need – your fear WILL become your ally. I promise!

DIVE DEEPER:  Download a FREE PDF guide that goes along with this episode so you can create YOUR plan for transcending fear.

Remember, if you love your fears, you’ll have a consulting or coaching business you love, but fears can be tricky and powerful.

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