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How to Refine Your Brand Clarity & Messaging with Kamaria Scott [On-Air Coaching]

brand messaging & positioning May 09, 2024

Unclear about what you do and how to describe it?

Want to know a secret? All consulting and coaching business owners struggle with this from time to time. Crafting brand messages that clearly articulate the unique value of what you do as a consultant or coach can be VERY challenging, yet it’s crucial for connecting with your ideal clients.

Here’s a Story You Might Relate To…

Consider the experience of Kamaria Scott. After years of success in corporate roles, Kamaria decided to launch her own consulting business. Despite her deep expertise, she struggled to translate her skills into a compelling brand message that truly reflected the value of what she does and attracted the right clients. Her initial attempts were too generic and laden with industry jargon, which kept her spinning and struggling – unable to get her website launched and out there getting clients.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you're in the right place. In a special episode of the Enough Already podcast, I tackle these very issues with Kamaria through a live, on-air coaching session.


Instead of explaining to you the steps to follow to get to your refined brand clarity and messaging, I bring you behind-the-scenes to a real-life coaching session with Kamaria.

Tune in now so you can see first-hand how I help my clients:

  1. Experience the Power of Clarity: You’ll see first-hand how to distill your consulting or coaching brand’s essence into a messaging that is clear and compelling, and why your business development can be stalled out and stuck if you don’t have this essential clarity.
  2. Develop Messaging that Resonates with Clients: You’ll get a backstage look into how to overcome the pitfalls that are keeping you from finding your voice and using it to express the value of what you do with confidence and credibility.
  3. Get the True Benefits of a Strong Brand Message: With brand clarity and compelling messages, you can for sure expect more leads and clients because what you are conveying about who you are and what you do matches to your audience’s needs and desires. As importantly, brand clarity and compelling messages give you focus – so that you are crystal clear on how you get your dream business launched and what to do and say to get your clients!


Not gonna lie – getting to refined brand and messaging clarity can be tough. You might find yourself:

  • Overwhelmed by all your strengths and passions: There’s so many things you can do to help your clients. But what is it that you do that can create the most value, is unique and different from other consultants and coaches, and reflects what you most enjoy?
  • Needing an outside perspective: It’s hard to see the label from inside the jar! It’s hard to see and own the unique value of what you do by yourself because of that “nose to the windowpane” syndrome and how easy it is to discount your true best-at strengths because they come so naturally to you.
  • Struggling to shed corporate lingo: If you’re transitioning from the corporate or academic environment, you’re used to writing with a ton of jargon and industry-speak. But with marketing copy- it’s about being relatable, clear, and accessible.


If you need more than this on-air coaching session with Kamaria to overcome these common roadblocks, let me give you a few next steps.

  • Download my Free Roadmap: Head on over to www.betsyjordyn.com/roadmap to get my free guide + workbook to help you create a clear, authentic, and sought-after consulting or coaching brand. You’ll get insight into how to find your niche, create your value proposition and so much more.
  • Check out my VIP Personal Branding Services: Everything I do is to help remarkable consultants and coaches get known and paid for the consulting or coaching they love. Accelerate your success with my VIP Brand Strategy and Messaging Services!
  • Book a Free Brand Strategy Call: Already know that you want a brand messaging experience like Kamaria’s? Go to www.betsyjordyn.com/schedule to book your time with me.

Remember, no matter confused you might feel about what you do and what words to use that will resonate with clients, you can turn this around. Your brand and messaging clarity is a gift of service because you will make it easy for the people you’re meant to help with your consulting or coaching to find and connect with you. YOU are the solution they have been waiting for. Don’t make it hard for them to see that!

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