How to Align Executive Development with Organizational Values


We have all seen aspirational signs in the breakroom, "Honesty, Kindness, Integrity." While these are excellent personal values, they don't translate into measurable behaviors or tools used at the executive level in daily decision-making.

On today's Ask Betsy, I open up my library of resources to two coaches, so they can figure out how to align executives with company values! Coaches Don Knagge and Rachelle Stone get to dive into the actual frameworks I used to lead organizations and executives through the executive development process. We also learn how to take a coaching gig and make it into a more extensive consulting engagement!

Soak it all in because today's Ask Betsy is a fire hose of information! 

"Betsy is one of those brilliant organizational people that continues to blow my mind." Don Knagge

Don Knagge is currently in the executive development process with a client. He is wondering how to bring an organization full circle to understand goals and values and how they...

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How to Find the Exact Words that Attract Your Clients (and Gets them Excited to Work with You)

branding copywriting Mar 03, 2021

One of my favorite things to write and talk about is copywriting.

Which for most of my clients - it's their absolute least favorite thing. 

Most of these consultants and coaches love what they do. But they hate the struggle of trying to find the words to describe what they do and write about it.

It's the lack of words that keeps websites from getting launched and marketing tactics from getting implemented.

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If you're ready to discover how to talk about what you do in a way that is compelling to your ideal clients, then read on. This article is for you. 

What I'm NOT going to do is show you how to put sizzle around how to explain your methodology to your client that makes them sign with you on the spot because that is not going to happen. Clients don't understand, nor do they care about your methodology. They won't hire you for that unless they are looking for a...

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7 Reasons Why Your Clients Aren't "Getting It" When you Talk and Write About What You Do

branding copywriting Mar 03, 2021

One of the biggest challenges that both new and seasoned consultants and coaches face is finding the words to describe what they do.

They go to networking events and try to explain that they are a consultant or coach but instead of getting head nods and curiosity...

...they experience the angst of the blank stares. 

They try to sit down and write copy for their website or marketing or a simple blog post and they face writer's block so intense that it's a miracle that more computers of consultants and coaches aren't flung against the wall. 

Related Article: "How to Find the Exact Words That Attract Your Ideal Clients"

If writing is a struggle for you, don't worry. You are not alone.

For many consultants and coaches, it is a big challenge for at least 7 reasons.

1. We have no idea who our business serves.

One of the biggest mistakes that almost all consultants and coaches make is thinking that they serve anybody who could use some consulting or coaching.

Truth is -...

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Employee Engagement is Unethical

When I met with three aspiring consultants who are very passionate about parlaying their experience to help companies create healthy work environments and engaged employees. They almost fell out their chairs when I told them that I am starting to see that employee engagement is actually unethical.

What I DON'T mean when I say this is that companies should not strive to have work environments free from unethical business practices and abusive and inconsiderate leaders who make their employees lives miserable. Providing safe work conditions, equitable pay and reasonable management should be considered “cover charges” for the privilege of hiring others to work for you.

What I think might be bordering on unethical is how organizations have shifted from employee satisfaction to employee engagement and how engagement goals might completely jack up our limbic systems. Let me explain.

Back in the early 2000’s, instead of measuring employee satisfaction (which is to...

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Five Steps to Designing a High-Impact Executive Team Meeting Agenda

At some point all consultants will be on the hook to lead a senior team meeting. Meetings get such a bad rap now and are perceived as a waste of time either because they lack purpose, focus or exceptional facilitator who is able to draw together and synthesize disparate perspectives.

A key way that you can establish your credibility as a consultant and offer tremendous client value is through the process you use to get a senior team "singing off the same song sheet." 

Any issue or challenge that they face as an organization can be better dealt with if they have a neutral and trained facilitator to guide the process and integrate participants' perspectives.

Follow these five steps to creating a great meeting agenda for your next executive work session or team retreat.

Step 1: Meet with the Meeting Owner (Most Senior Executive) to Identify Desired Outcomes

During this meeting find out three things:

  • What is the purpose of the meeting? Why is this meeting taking place?
  • What...
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Consulting vs. Leading

Too many consultants tank their success because they do not clearly understand the difference between consulting vs. leading.

Consulting is a defined role that is distinct from leadership. A consultant is one who helps a leader by framing the problems that the leader is accountable for solving. Consultants frame the challenges and help provide a roadmap for the resolution of challenges. Leaders oversee the implementation of solutions and ensure sustainability.

The first key of being an effective consultant is learning how to position your expertise in a way that enhances leadership and organizational capacity. When you don't fully appreciate the value you create as a consultant (and how you should be positioned) you inevitable fall into the "pair of hands trap" (where you simply offer and deliver what a client asks of your) or the "surrogate leadership trap" (where you do the leader's work for them.)

When you know the differences between leading and consulting, you will be...

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The Heart of Value Propositions - What You Really Offer Clients

4 - mindset mastery Jan 12, 2021

“Because relationships are mutual, partners share a single fate; no action benefits one and harms the other.” (Lewis, Amini and Lannon)

Have you ever read a book that you know will change your life? I think my understanding of who I am and what I do as a consultant, mentor, mother, friend, and partner will be forever changed as result of reading the book, “The General Theory of Love” by Thomas Lewis, M.D., Fari Amini, M.D and Richard Lannon, M.D.

This book explains love from a scientific and neurological point of view. Basically our experience of love does not live in the thinking, neocortex part of our brains. It lives in our limbic brain, which holds and stores our emotions, memories and our ingrained responses. Contrary to what we might believe, people don’t change as a result of simply encountering and assimilating information in the thinking part of our brains. Change happens at the limbic level as a result of limbic resonance.

When I was at...

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The 5 Steps of the Consulting Engagement Cycle


You have launched your consultancy business. Your marketing efforts have paid off. All of your activities on social media and public speaking worked. You created a proposal, negotiated and renegotiated with your client, and the deal is done. 

Now, you're wondering what to do next.

Just like your clients have processes to ensure consistently high customer service, you have to do the same. The business consulting process is what I call the "Consulting Engagement Cycle." It is not an exact formula you need to follow but a guideline that helps ensure you can deliver excellence every time, with every client.


There are five steps in the Consulting Engagement Cycle:


Step 1: Establish Winning Partnerships for your consulting business

Sales are not what you get through to get to the work. It is the first step in delivery for your consulting business. During contracting, you and your client come to an agreement on business objectives and how you will partner to achieve...

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The ONE THING You Need to Make a Successful Leap Into Consulting or Coaching

If you are interested in leaving your current job for the potential of running your own consulting or coaching practice, there is only one thing you need. You may think you need a lot of money in the bank and a "rolodex" of potential clients and referrals.

While those things are important, they are not nearly as important as your wholehearted commitment to the adventure of running your own practice. In my experience, there is a direct correlation between the most successful consultants and coaches and their ability to commit fully to their practice and making it a success.

There is a big difference between having a yearning to start your own consulting business or coaching practice and actually making the decision to leave the comfort and security of your day job for the unknown world of entrepreneurship.

The fear of the unknown is to be expected. There are many sources of help to overcome these type of predicable fears but there is only one response if you are going to be...

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Before You Plan for 2021, Do this 2020 Review


We're coming up on the end of the year and it's time to review what worked and didn't so we can come up with plans for 2021, right?


If 2020 has taught us anything, we don't always have control over all the things we put into typical annual plans, complete with SMART goals and actionable strategies. That type of planning is OUT.

What is IN is cultivating smart habits that keep you in tune with your market and allow you to respond to them with ease and confidence.

This was our big learning for 2020. 

In this video, Jen and I walk you through the ANTI-planning and business development best practices we gained through trying to merge our companies while adapting to the global pandemic which resulted in our most profitable and happy year ever.

If you want to say a big, fat "buh-bye" to the craziness of 2020 and a big hello to having 2021 be the year where your results are totally in FLOW, this video is must-watch.

You'll learn:

  • Why falling in love with your clients...
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