The Balanced Way to Achieve Scale and Sale with CEO Mark Johnson (Ep42)

Want to know what it takes to lead a company to scalable profits?

Today, I'm chatting with Mark Johnson. He most recently served as the Chief Executive Officer for Concord Servicing – a company he led to record-breaking growth that culminated in its sale from the founder to a private equity firm.

I met Mark more than ten years ago when I was advising the leaders at Wyndham Vacation Ownership on an organizational transformation project. 

I'm in my "favorite executive" series, and Mark is on my list! Mark is a sage analyst and strategist who creates results through respect and honoring the system he leads. He leads his team to success because of his laser focus on balance between the customer, employee, and business results.

He stands out among dozens of incredible executives because of his thoughtful and intentional approach to everything!

Since we worked together, he took on massive promotions – he became the Chief Hospitality Officer at Wyndham, a very different role than his real estate law background, and then eventually a CEO for another company. So I was curious about the role his sage, analytical, and strategic gifts played in these transitions.

I wanted Mark on the show as part of my "favorite executive series of all time" because I wanted him to share how he continued to use his sage archetype gifts as a C-Suite executive, which is usually comprised of more visionary/warrior types like former Disney COO Jim MacPhee who I interviewed in ep 40.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How to adopt a new label when you make a significant transition in your career
  • Why creating win-win-wins propels the business
  • Why you need to hire your weaknesses and get objective outside opinions
  • How consultants and coaches can attract C-suite Sage leaders like David
  • Why you don't have to choose between purpose and profits

It turns out that using balanced, systems honoring approaches to business growth and change isn't reserved for consultants and coaches like us! Mark will share with you how to keep his eye on the balance between the customer, employee, and business results.

Where to dive in:

[1:50] Hear about David's background and why he went to law school

[7:28] What David learned he liked about being a lawyer and how it carried over into his work and relationships

[10:20] Hear why you have a big problem if you lose on strategy or culture and why you have to take care of the customer, associate, and financials to succeed in business

[15:53] How he safely left his law profession and had to grasp onto a new label.

[22:46] Hear how David came into a new role with a different leadership style than his predecessors and what he had to do to gain trust.

[28:29] David's transition into a CEO position in a different organization, the leadership style he took with him, and the new things he learned.

[33:39] How a strength can also be a weakness.

[40:00] What consultants and coaches need on their website to attract C-suite leaders like David.

[54:06] Why the organization is in trouble if you focus on the individual rather than the group

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Guest bio: Chief Executive Officer with 15+ years of experience delivering exceptional customer-service, high associate morale, and strong financial performance across a variety of sectors and disciplines. Skilled and successful at developing and implementing strategic short and long-term goals that align with an organization's mission and vision—fostering engagement, growth and revenue.  

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