Personalized guidance and peer support to give you the 

Strategic Clarity & Confidence

to go all in on your entrepreneurial dreams and bring your thriving, purpose-driven consulting or coaching business to life.


Get the Strategies, Clarity & Confidence to


on your dreams of
running your own
thriving consulting or coaching business.


New 8-Week LIVE Virtual Group Coaching Experience Starts
TUESDAY, January 24, 2023

Group Coaching Sessions are on Tuesdays at 12pm PST/3pm EST

It's time for you to GO ALL IN on making your business dreams a profitable reality.

But you're not clear on how to make that happen.

You're ready for control over your career and time.

You want more meaning and impact in your work.

You need more balance and freedom in your life.

You believe that making your own consulting or coaching business wildly successful IS the answer.

Yet you’re stuck.

You have so many strengths - which ones should you build your business on?

There's so many things you could to do to get clients - what tactics are consistently effective?

You have tried to explain what you do and all you have gotten are blank stares - what words will attract clients and get them excited to work with you?

Some real talk.

It’s not just your lack of clarity or learning curve overwhelm that's holding you back. 

It’s the lack of confidence.

It’s the nagging voice in your head that makes you question if you have what it takes to be successful as a consulting or coaching business owner.

It’s the TOTALLY NORMAL imposter syndrome, fears about money and letting people down that is also keeping you stuck.

THIS is why going it alone isn’t enough.

THIS is why you need personalized guidance and a cohort of supportive peers to breakthrough.

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn.

THIS is why I created the Purpose to Profits Academy.

The Purpose to Profits Academy is a safe learning container for you to connect with other idealistic, action-oriented consultants and coaches who are ready to create tremendous success and significance through their own businesses. 

Through our 8-weeks together, you'll get the strategies, skills and confidence to bring your dream business to life and set it up to deliver ongoing profits and impact.

One thing I know for sure after 15 years in business and 10 years of mentoring others is that running your own consulting or coaching business is the single best way for accomplished professionals to make money AND a difference. 

Which is why I’d love to have you join the Purpose to Profits Academy. 

Through this program you'll build a strong and powerful business foundation that will ultimately fast-track your results, while saving you years of expensive trial and error.


Who Joins the Purpose to Profits
Academy (and why do they join?)

Corporate leaders turned consultants who want to start their businesses right - without wasting time or money. 

"I was in a transition from my corporate job into my own business. I knew I had a unique combination of skills and experience to bring to clients, but had no idea how to think about packaging that or bringing it to market. As a result of this program I was able to efficiently launch my new business without wasting time or resources."

CEO, Heather Havey Consulting


Established consultants and coaches who need more traction and consistency with their results in order to scale.

"I was blowing and going 100 miles per hour with no map. I was making good money, adding great clients but I was out of control. My brand was lacking identity. This program helped me slow down and look at the long game. My authority in the market has increased substantially and I can compete at higher levels."

President, Jason Fearnow International


Employees on the verge of becoming an entrepreneur but first need validation of their vision and money-making potential.

"I was struggling with all the challenges of starting a business. As a result of this program, I’m clear and confident in the value I bring to my ideal clients and what to do on a daily basis to attract clients. This program was exactly what I needed to get my business launched AND positioned to consistently attract clients."

President, Ayana Knowles Consulting



The  Strategies You'll Create Through this Program

Through our 8 weeks together, you'll clarify your:

Ideal Business Model

that delivers on all your priorities - purpose, profit and lifestyle.

Point of Differentiation

so you can stand out in the crowded consulting and coaching marketplace.

Products & Services

that maximize your strengths and time and are scalable.


to ensure you're free from the "trading time for money" trap and get paid what you're worth.


to ensure you're able to consistently get clients and achieve your revenue goals.


for your website and in your marketing that gets future clients to say, "Where have you been? I need you!"

And Above All...Mindset

You’ll get rock-solid confidence in the value of what you do.

As a result of this program, you'll: 

Get your business launched - without procrastination

Market yourself - without fear

Ask clients to work with you -  without hesitation

and ask them to pay you what you’re worth - without apology!


Just Sayin'

Clarity = Power

Once you're clear on who you are, what makes you unique, what you want and why you want it - the faster and easier it will be for you to turn that vision into profitable reality.

Ready to Join the Academy?

Early Bird Pricing Available



Early sign up special pricing 

Single Payment of


($5950 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available



Early sign up special pricing 

3 Monthly Payments of


(3 monthly payments of $2150 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available


How the Program Works

This program is a combination of

coaching + training + mastermind

Live Virtual Group Coaching Sessions

Through 8 weekly live 90-minute mastermind sessions, with a small, curated group of like-minded consultants and coaches, you'll craft your business and brand strategies, step-by-step.  

In this safe learning container, you'll get the training, coaching, peer support and accountability you need to push yourself to the next stage of your business growth - from employee to entrepreneur, from best-kept secret to sought-after expert, from expert to thought leader. 

Each mastermind session will be conducted via Zoom and will be held on Tuesdays at 3 ET.

(Calls will be recorded in case you miss any)

Personalized One-on-One Coaching

You'll get a 60-minute individual coaching session with me, Betsy Jordyn, to personally review and refine your business and brand positioning strategies, your marketing messages and your implementation plan.

My goals with this session are to ensure that:

1. You're positioning yourself to CONSISTENTLY attract and convert your clients who will see you and pay you as an expert. 

2. Your business launch plan will make the most of your money and time.

3. You don't play small or settle for any thing than your highest business potential.

Refection Exercises & Action Plans

You'll get a combination of reflection exercises and action steps to ensure you build a business that aligns with your strengths and authentic passions and fuels your progress towards achieving your intentions and goals.  

The balanced focus between internal reflection and external actions will be key to giving you the personal power to move forward with courage and conviction. 

Guest Experts

Join our live trainings with guest experts who will help you master essential consulting and coaching marketing skills such as copywriting, speaking, podcasting, social media posting and more…




Private Online Community

After each mastermind session, session recordings will be uploaded into a private online forum. Use this forum to ask questions and give feedback.

Hot Seats & Role Plays

You'll role-play and practice your "what I do" script. Practice is the fastest way to find and refine the right words that connect and resonate with your clients.

Office Hours with Betsy

Get answers to your toughest questions and overcome any blocks to completing your weekly assignment through live, weekly office hours with Betsy.

Curated Group Participants

This program is for consultants and coaches who serve different industries and clients but share the same values around accomplishment, impact, integrity and service.



Just Sayin'

Community Support = Confidence

Once connect with people who get what you're trying to accomplish and can assuage your fears - the more confidence you'll have to take risks and achieve more than you imagined possible. 

"Because of the awesome people in my mastermind class, along with the coaching, mentoring and training I received, I am clear about what I have to offer, who I love to serve, how to monetize my skills. I can confidently pivot or start a business and I am no longer scared or anxious about work."

PresidentJennifer Starns & Associates


"Through this program, I got a small tribe of wonderful, beautiful human beings to collaborate without judgment or fear of being ridiculed. I was able to narrow my focus and rid my mind of confusion as to what value I would offer and build a business that I didn't realize I spent my entire life building."

Life Transformation & Performance Catalyst


"I felt like the best kept secret. That there is no other program out there like this, and no other guide that has the deep knowledge, expertise, patience, and CARING as Betsy. I now know what to do each day when I sit down at my desk. I am more confident, less stressed."

President, Dyer and Associates


What We'll be Doing Together over 2 Months to Build Your Business  & Brand Strategies


Ready to Join the Academy?

Early Bird Pricing Available



Early sign up special pricing 

Single Payment of


($5950 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available



Early sign up special pricing 

3 Monthly Payments of


(3 monthly payments of $2150 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available


The Results

Here's What You'll Accomplish

Grow the RIGHT Business

"We ditched the business idea that we thought we should do and embraced the one that we’re passionate about and now opportunities are opening up."

Josh & Kristy Groce, Founders of Couples on Fire

Do Work You Love

"Betsy helped me create a business that reflects the work I love the most. I achieved goals and am confident in my ability to build my business." 

Lori, Smith, President, Lori Smith Consulting

Shorten Your Learning Curve

“Betsy helped me crystallize the type of client I’m looking for and the value I offer them. She shortened my learning curve and set me up for success.”

Bill Carl Johnson President, The BCJ Group

Get Seen & Paid as an Expert

"I transformed from a transactional consultant to an industry leader. I'm getting opportunities with the C-Suite that previously alluded me." 

Jason Fearnow, President, Jason Fearnow International

Enroll Now & Get these Bonuses to Ensure You're

Fully Supported

To IMPLEMENT Your Strategies

Purpose to Profits

Consulting & Coaching
"Business in a Box"

On-demand online courses filled with training videos, tools and templates to build a website, launch your business, attract leads, create a proposal, price your services, close the deal AND deliver exceptional results. You'll get discovery meeting scripts, proposal templates and examples, pricing calculators, website templates and writing prompts, copywriting training, LinkedIn profile templates and outreach scripts, networking scripts, blog templates and so much more! 

($10,000 Value) Included with your Purpose to Profits Tuition

30% Discount on Visual Branding

My design team will channel their creative talents towards building you a cohesive and high-quality visual identity that feels like a true representation of your brand. Included in your design package is a logo, icon, color palette, strategically picked fonts and a branding guide.

($750 Value) Included with your Purpose to Profits Tuition

Purpose to Profits

30% Branded Business Essentials 

Get custom-designed assets to help you create a consistent and premium brand image at each client touchpoint such as business cards, email signature, social media profile headers, custom PowerPoint and Word templates, website backgrounds, social media posts and more.

($625 Value) Included with your Purpose to Profits Tuition

Free LinkedIn Profile Copy

Get done-for-you copy for your LinkedIn profile for FREE if you sign up to work with my amazing copywriter who will write for you the persuasive words you need for your website that opens the hearts, minds, and wallets of your ideal clients.

($500 Value) Included with your Purpose to Profits Tuition


Ready to Join the Academy?

Early Bird Pricing Available


Includes: Full mastermind experience with weekly calls, training,
weekly office hours, guest experts & community


Early sign up special pricing 

Single Payment of


($5950 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available



Early sign up special pricing 

3 Monthly Payments of


(3 monthly payments of $2150 after December 2, 2022)

Only 10 9 spots available


Bonuses Valued at Over $11,800!

"Business in a Box"

You'll get access to on-demand video training, tools and templates on everything you need to implement your strategy: website copywriting and design, proposal writing and fees, closing the deal, networking, content marketing and more!

Value = $10,000+

Visual Branding Discount
(30% off)

Get a high quality visual identity package (logo, icon, color palette, fonds) that authentically reflects your brand at a substantial discount.

Value = $750


Branded Business Essentials
(30% off)

Get custom-designed graphics to enhance your overall brand image (business card, email signature, social media profile, website backgrounds and more at a substantial discount.

Value = $625

Free LinkedIn Profile Copy

Get copy for your LinkedIn profile for free when you work with my copywriting team on your website copy. 

Value = $500


Frequently Asked Questions

This Program Will Change Your Business, Career & Life...From the Inside Out!

"Through this program, I have learned what I’m good at, how to use it and how to market it. It was kind of a decoding of my entire life. Now I can position myself to make real impact and go for the projects where I’m truly happy to contribute, instead of just taking what’s available to get by."

PresidentGallbo Coaching


"I wasted time with starts and stops before I signed up for this program. As a result of this program, I have clarity on my ideal client, my niche, my purpose and overall vision for my business. This brings on an inner peace that allowed me to let go of the "imposter-syndrome" mindset."

MidLife Coach


"I was afraid of becoming known for something that I didn’t care about. I like some aspects of what I did but it’s not what I what I want to be known for. This is where I was stuck. Now I have a business that reflects work that I get excited about and say 'this is who I am' and it flows out of me without effort."

President, Sandy Johnson Consulting


Have questions about the program? Let's chat.