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Why People Don’t “Get It” When You Talk and Write About What You Do (Ep37)

Have you ever been asked "what do you do?" at a networking event or just at a party, and despite your best attempt at a response, all you got was blank stares? Or have you spent a ton of time working on website copy, and the response was crickets?

Today we're talking about why people don't get it when you talk and write about what you do. In my early days as a business owner, it was so hard to explain what I did that I often avoided situations where I would have to, which affected more than my marketing results. It affected my self-esteem!

Since then, I have learned what got in my way of effectively communicating what I did and what to do instead, which is what I want to share with you today. Hear four sneaky reasons why you might struggle with this like I did and my strategies for turning this around.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why you need to speak your client's language and not your own
  • How the corporate speech used in your past career won't help you land clients as a consultant or coach
  • How over editing your speech and writing keeps you in analysis paralysis 
  • Why being all things to all people keeps you from reaching your ideal client

Where to dive in:

[1:40] Why making your potential clients feel dumb with industry jargon pushes them away, why what motivates you might not motivate them, and the solution. 

[6:60] How corporate speak is the opposite of marketing speech and will keep you from connecting with your ideal client. Tune in for the solution.

[10:39] Do you over edit while you write or speak? Hear why this keeps you in analysis paralysis. 

[15:37] "When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one." Tune in for why you won't resonate with everyone and how this influences your message.

[17:30] Hear the quick recap along with solutions.  

Next steps: 

  1. Identify what is standing in your way of clearly communicating what you do and try out one of the solutions I offered.
  2. Next time you must put a message together either verbally or in writing – try my WHO, WHAT, HOW communication method. 
  3. Be sure to check out my Done-For-You Copywriting Service at www.betsyjordyn.com/copywriting. You'll get amazing website copy FAST, plus you'll see tangible examples of how your messages and ideas get turned into words that connect, convince and convert.
  4. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you can hear my next episode, where I'll share who to know who your ideal client is and what you need to know for your branding and messaging to that group.

About me: Betsy Jordyn is a Brand Positioning Strategist that helps consulting and coaching business owners clarify their brand positioning and messaging, create a website presence that positions them as sought-after experts, land clients with ease and integrity, and take their place as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. Her mission is to help consultants and coaches monetize their best-at strengths and authentic passions to make a bigger difference in the world. Check out her brand strategy, messaging, and design services at https://www.betsyjordyn.com


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