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Get the persuasive words for your website (and beyond!) to attract your ideal clients & get them excited to work with you

“I'm tired of feeling like no one gets excited when I write about what I do”

We've all been there.

If you're feeling:
  • Uncomfortable writing about yourself 
  • At a loss trying to figure out how to describe your products and services in a way that engages clients
  • Tired of trying to find words that don't sound like lame and boring corporate-speak
  • Frustrated that your writer's block and analysis paralysis is standing in the way of your goals 

I get it and my team and I are here to help!

Let's nail your copy...without the stress and angst!

My team and I can write copy for you that sounds like you and engages the hearts, minds and wallets of your ideal clients...in a fraction of the time it's taking you to do it on your own. As a result you will: 

Get Powerful Copy

Experience the joy of seeing what's in your heart and mind manifested into words that resonate with the people you want to help with your consulting and coaching.

Get Right-Fit Clients

Experience the thrill of getting more clients you love - who GET what you do, are warmed up and ready to work with you BEFORE they even get on an intro call with you.

Get it Done!

Experience the satisfaction of getting your copy done without the overwhelm of learning copywriting OR hours sitting in front of the computer trying to find the right words.

"Finding the meaningful words to make the right impact has been a total game changer!"

I knew my website represented my message and I struggled with being able to tell my audience who I was and how I could help them in a way that would impact them in the way I wanted it to. Then I signed up to work with Betsy Jordyn and her team on my copy.  Wow! I had some of my most powerful personal breakthroughs EVER!

I now have intentional and meaningful words that would make the right impact to the person reading it, which helped me not just with my copy but with my copy skills, comfort and confidence, which has been a total game changer for me both professionally and personally.

SARAH GLEESON, President, Sarah Gleeson International


Here's how it works...

You decide WHAT you want to say. We'll help you with HOW to say it. Together, we'll get it done!

Develop your Strategy

First, we'll map out the role you want your website to play with your marketing, what actions you want visitors to take and how to structure your website and copy for attraction, connection and conversion. 

Nail Your Messages

Sit back, relax, and talk while I interview-the-heck-out-of-you so we get crystal clear about precisely what you want to communicate to your ideal client on each page and in each content block.

Get Compelling Copy

My incredible copywriting team will turn your messages into copy that speaks directly to your ideal clients, builds trust with them and gets them to take action on working with you. 

And That's Not All

You Can Also Get ...

Brand Strategy

If you haven't been through my signature Brand Messaging & Positioning program, we can include it as part of your website design project. 

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

We can help you with extend your website messages to your LinkedIn and other social media platform profiles.

Search Engine Optimization

We can also help you write copy for the back-end of your website to help you get found online.

Visual Branding

Our design team can design the creative assets - logo, fonts, color palette - for a high-quality and cohesive brand image

Custom Website Design

My design team will custom build you a credible website that converts on the all-in-one Kajabi platform.


"You are the 'word finder.' You describe what I do much better than I ever did. You gave me the words. I then tweaked them and now they are mine. As a result, I can now execute with confidence."

Sari Goodman, President, The Parental Edge.

Let's Work Together to Get Your

Business ideas out of your head and into copy that connects, convinces and converts.

...without business blocking writer's block and the soul crushing analysis paralysis.

As YOUR "Word Finders" with a focus on helping consultants and coaches with the unique vulnerability challenge of being the product and the brand... 

We're here to help you every step of the way!


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