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Five Things To Know About Your Ideal Client

2 - brand messaging & positioning archetypes at work Jun 23, 2022

Today, we're talking about the five simple steps to developing your ideal client archetype, which builds on what we talked about in my last two blogs, why people don't get it when you speak and write about what you do and what is ideal client archetype and why you need one. So if you missed either of these episodes, go back and listen...

I'll never forget the first time I downloaded Pandora. 

I set up my channel with my favorite song, and when the next song came on, I was so happy because it was another one of my favorites! And the next one was another hit I loved! Pandora just got me. 

That is the power you'll unleash for your ideal clients when you do the work on your ideal clients. 

You'll write copy that makes you feel like you were reading their minds – which is far more credibility-building than your latest certification or advanced degrees. And you'll create a product or service experience that makes them say, "This is what I need."

I realized I did a good job on my ideal client archetype this past week when I had two intro calls with people who said similar things. All my work pinpointing the person I want to serve helped me craft my programs - my services help people pull out their vision for their business and put it into words. And it's paying off because I'm attracting the people I love helping who need the gifts I love offering. It's a win-win.

And this is the goal we are after for you!

I want you to have such a clear picture of the person you want to serve that Lin-Manuel Miranda could use your ideal client archetype to write the next Hamilton about that person.  

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why you should fill your pipeline with the person who you want to serve if you had it all your way
  • The archetypal power alley of your ideal client and how it influences their motivations, desires, wants, and challenges
  • How understanding your client's pain defines goals your client wants to achieve
  • Why you need to know what holds your client back from solving their problems and achieving their goals and what's at stake if they don't get a solution

Let's go from theory into practice and walk through the five simple steps to creating your ideal client archetype so you can have clarity on exactly who wants and needs your consulting and coaching, plus the person you'd love to work with. Create a win-win path for ease in your business. 

What's next:

  1. Get into the head of your ideal client. The easiest solution is to talk to real, live clients and ask them meaningful questions to draw out of them their pain, goals, and limits and the words they use to describe this information. Along the way, you'll also get insight into what you do that they find valuable.
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