Moving Past Resentments To Activate Your Goals & Dreams with Brenda Reiss (Ep 16 )

How can you make this holiday season your best one yet – even if your results aren't exactly what you hoped for and you're wrestling with big questions about your consulting and coaching business?

This is what I talk about with forgiveness coach and speaker Brenda Reiss. She is an expert in helping people let go of hidden resentments so that they can activate their highest potential in their careers and lives. 

Brenda and I have a meaningful conversation about:

  • The sneaky ways that hidden resentments jack up with our mindset and confidence
  • The misconceptions about forgiveness and why it's so much more than an ethereal virtue
  • Why giving people who harm us a pass stands in the way of forgiveness
  • The role that forgiveness plays in gratitude and being present in our lives
  • How to turn forgiveness from an aspiration to a daily self-care skill and practice

Where to dive in:

[5:44] Hear about Brenda's background and how she found forgiveness work.

[10:32] When did forgiveness work help Brenda from a physical and an emotional standpoint?

[12:20] Hear the belief that all cancer patients have in common and how it relates to forgiveness work.

[15:19] Science shows we are energetic beings, hear about how tension in our bodies manifests and influences forgiveness work.

[17:35] What Brenda would say to someone who is blindsided and blames themselves when betrayed.

[20:00] How do you balance being an open-hearted person without being judgemental and having boundaries?

[23:13] How would Brenda apply forgiveness work to someone who left corporate or is burnt out?

[28:27] What's underneath the desire for security and perfection? Discover the root, so you can stop sabotaging yourself.

[30:21] What is the connection between forgiveness and gratitude? 

[34:43] How do you bring what's in your head down into your heart? Do you remember that scene of Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams tells Matt Damon, "It's not your fault?"

[37:43] Hear three things you can do to be present and feel gratitude this holiday season.

Next steps: 

  • Get the free guide, 11 Steps to Forgiveness, from
  • Schedule a thirty-minute conversation with Brenda to see if you're ready to start the forgiveness journey. Visit for more.
  • If you're starting your business, struggling with imposter syndrome, or letting how you left corporate hold you back in your new consulting or coaching business, visit 

About My Guest: Brenda Reiss is a Forgiveness Coach who guides you to discover where harboring resentments can be sabotaging your personal and business lives, limiting your ability to achieve your goals and dreams. Through a simple 5 step process, you can find peace and clarity and the ability to show up whole and empowered in all areas of your lives.

She is the author of two books, "Forgive Yourself" and "Journey to Your Heart Space" that you can find on Amazon and the host of the upcoming podcast "Forgive Yourself – A place to turn your Pain into Peace."

Find out more on her website at and follow her on Instagram @Forgivenesscoach.

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