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From Struggle to Strength with Mary Beth Simon (Ep6)

Have you experienced trauma?

If you think you haven't, think again.

And you know what? Your trauma story may feel like it crippled you, but it qualifies you for the consulting and coaching business you're creating.

My guest today is Mary Beth Simon, who is the founder of Niche Partnership Consulting.

Mary Beth and I met last fall when we both participated in Speaking Your Brand's Thought Leadership Academy. She turned my head when she shared the story of a traumatic event from her childhood that wound up protecting her body and her life.

In this episode, Mary Beth and I talk candidly about the challenges of our lives and how those struggles actually turned into strengths.

Key Takeaways:

  • Go to therapy. Heal. If you see one thing you get emotional about over and over again, it's a place that needs healing. Come out stronger, smarter, and on fire.
  • Part of dropping shame is dropping shame about mental health care.
  • Make sure lifestyle is conducive to stress management and overall health.
  • Don't be the internalized abuser to yourself. Be the opposite!
  • Put your oxygen mask on first. Taking care of yourself is not a negative. Don't believe the lie even if people don't respect those boundaries.
  • Listen to your voice instead of allowing other people to tell your who you are. "70 hr work weeks don't make you a valuable person."
  • What cripples us, qualifies us.

The advice Mary Beth would give her younger self, "You are stronger than you realize. Everything will work out fine. You need to trust your instincts because they will protect you and lead you in the right direction."

The advice Mary Beth would give herself when she chose to leave corporate, "Where you are going is beyond your wildest dreams. Whatever you think it is going to be, it will be so much better. You are on the right track. Keep going!"

The advice Mary Beth would give people who want to start their dream business but are afraid their past unqualifies them: "How much you disclose it up to you. When you're ready, your power lies in your authenticity. People will welcome you with open arms."

Listen in to discover why your story holds the clues to everything you need for your ideal business. Lean into the business you are meant to create, your life purpose, and the strengths that are your true superpowers.

About My Guest: After 30+ years in corporate financial services, Mary Beth now uses her strategic talents to coach entrepreneurs and individuals on creating their contingency plans empowering their second-in-command to keep business and life flowing smoothly in an emergency. Mary Beth founded Niche Partnership Consulting because her clients’ transformations inspire her. She believes that the combination of continuous learning, growth, and change is the fountain of youth and recently became a certified Les Mills BodyFlow instructor.

About Me: I'm Betsy Jordyn and my business development firm builds strong and powerful brands for remarkable consultants and coaches and their unique strengths. Simply put we design consulting and coaching practices that position you as a thought leader and sought-after expert by helping you find the words to describe the value of what you do and use them on your website and in your marketing. Check out our marketing agency services, mentoring programs and courses at https://www.betsyjordyn.com


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