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Turn Fear into Confident Action with J. Kyle Howard (Ep5)

The world is beginning to see some bright spots in its battle against COVID-19. As a result, many leaders are thinking of shaking up their careers by ditching corporate and starting their own consulting or coaching businesses.

But one thing holds them back – fear.

Fears about money, the unknown, being seen, and their worth.

Today, my guest is J.Kyle Howard, a former CIO turned consulting business owner.  He and I are currently working through his brand messaging and positioning , which is playing a big role in giving him clarity and confidence in the value he brings to companies seeking to leverage technology as a competitive advantage.

What is special about J. Kyle is how aware he is of the role that fear has played in his transition from CIO to consultant and coach and the strategies the he has cultivated to make his initial move into business ownership and stay focused on achieving all that is possible for him through his business.

We talk a lot about:

  • How to spot imposter syndrome
  • Strategies for engaging imposter syndrome with compassion and self-acceptances
  • Ways to sidestep fears in the future

How J transcends imposter syndrome and moves out of fear and into action:

  1. "I embrace imposter syndrome because it's there to protect me."
  2. "I question the validity of these voices and test this voice against examples of my success."
  3. "The more I push forward, the lower the voices get."
  4. "When voices are louder than my confidence, I focus on the life I WANT to live. I won't let the voices stop me from reaching that goal."
  5. "I realize the foe is myself."

How J tackles long-term messages of imposter syndrome:

  1. "You can't go back and fix tragedies. But, you CAN go back and change your perception of a situation. Create your own life story."
  2. "Realize what is not sustainable and needs to change. The same thing you always did won't help you create a different future."
  3. "Get the knowledge you need to move out of this place."

It's not about how to change the past; it's how to REDEEM the past.

Listen in as he shares the business vision he has to empower CIOs to take a stronger strategic position in the organization and to create careers that support their total life priorities.

This episode is the third in my podcast series on Imposter SyndromeIf you haven't listened to the other two episodes, you're going to definitely want to check them out so you can get your mind and heart aligned with all that is possible for YOU with your business.

About My Guest: J. Kyle Howard, author, former technology executive, and the founder of The BTI Group is an innovative, strategic systems thinker, and insightful business technology catalyst with over 27 years of transformational experience integrating business and technology. He is the creator of the systemic business and technology transformation framework called CBI™ - Cognitive Business Integration. He holds an MBA in business and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

About Me: I'm Betsy Jordyn, and my business development firm builds strong and powerful brands for remarkable consultants and coaches and their unique strengths. Simply put, we design consulting and coaching practices that position you as a thought leader and sought-after expert by helping you find the words to describe the value of what you do and use them on your website and in your marketing. Check out our marketing agency services, mentoring programs, and courses at https://www.betsyjordyn.com


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