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Questioning Your Worth? 4 Reasons Why ALL Consultants and Coaches Struggle with Imposter Syndrome (Ep3)

Have you ever wanted to hide under the bed or rock instead of doing what you need to do to launch or grow your consulting or coaching business?

I know I have.

Listen to today's episode for my new series on Imposter Syndrome to discover why you're totally normal and doing great if you experience the agony of questioning your worth as a consultant or coach.

In this episode, I reveal all the sneaky ways that imposter syndrome gets in the way of your potential. And I show you exactly what you need to do to make it your ally in the journey towards greater success and significance with your work.

You’ll learn:

  • 4 totally normal reasons why imposter syndrome is part of building a consulting or coaching business
  • Why imposter syndrome is evidence that you’re on the right track with your ambitions and goals
  • Strategies you can use right now to reduce the angst and struggle that imposter syndrome can create

This episode is the first in my new series on imposter syndrome. Let's tackle that feeling of shameless self-promotion and find the limbic connection between our clients and us. Let's build your business in our zone of genius and capitalize on our strengths; that is the profitable path. It's time to release the golden handcuffs of your corporate identity and get the true vision of who you want to be. What you feel cripples you qualifies you for the business you want to create! Don't let imposter syndrome hold you back.

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