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How To Use Your Strengths To Sell and Earn More with Leslie Lyons

2 - brand messaging & positioning 4 - marketing & sales May 19, 2022

How can you use your strengths to land more clients and earn what you're worth? 

Leslie Lyons and I do a deep dive into the Enneagram tool and how to use it to sell more effectively and overcome the issues and challenges that cause us to sabotage ourselves and play small.

Today, I'm wrapping up my "Owning Your Strengths" series with a powerhouse conversation with my powerful guest Leslie Lyons on how all of this translates to the ultimate goal with our businesses – landing clients who will value us and pay us what we're worth. 

And this is where Leslie comes in. Leslie is an expert in helping people build businesses that feeds their souls and bank account. And she does this by assisting them to not just believe in their heads in the value but embody that value, especially when it comes to sales conversations.

Join me as Leslie inspires me and has me rolling on the floor laughing!

We talk about how her background in ministry and ownership of a pole dancing studio influences her business coaching process (and I promise you it fits).

We also differentiate between simply agreeing that we have worth and truly embodying that worth and the impact of that difference in our sales abilities.

Personally, Leslie helped me see my sales strengths and how I got them from a combo of my personality and the role modeling from the best salesperson I ever knew, my Dad. He made his customers feel seen and valued. I always thought that my approach to landing clients came from my Disney experience and how I was taught to set up strategic partnerships with my clients. It turns out that training resonated so much with me because it matched my strengths.

In this interview, you'll hear:

  • How your purpose is constant, but the container can change 
  • The differences between how men, women, and different personalities do sales
  • Why selling is about advocating
  • How to turn a sales transaction into a legacy transaction
  • The two most important things you need to lead and sell well
  • Why you need to embrace your shadow self
  • How your Enneagram translates into how you sell

Next steps:

  1. Check out Leslie's deep-dive to learn your type and how it applies to your business and life. Learn more here. https://www.lesliedlyons.com 
  2. Keep an eye out for my brand-new course on Contracting and Pricing mastery. It will be a bonus for the people who sign up for my Brand Positioning and Messaging because it's not enough to have a world-class image on your website and a thought leadership position if you don't know what to do with leads once you get them. This program includes step-by-step guidance through my relationally driven sales process, proposal templates, pricing formulas, and more. 
  3. If you need help monetizing your mission – head over to betsyjordyn.com/schedule, and let's chat about turning this around.

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About My Guest:  Leslie Lyons is a business strategist, sales coach, soul whisperer, and speaker. Every day, she helps brick-and-mortar bosses like you look your feminine genius in the eye without blinking and use it to take on the world like a girl on fire. In other words, she’ll help you see the best (and sometimes the worst) of you, so you can sell in a way that comes naturally, find your true leadership style, and build a soul-driven marketing strategy that brings all the dream customers to the yard. Because that’s how legacies, million-dollar ventures, and early retirements are made.

About Me: The Enough Already podcast is hosted by Betsy Jordyn. I'm a Brand Positioning Strategist that helps consulting and coaching business owners clarify their brand positioning and messaging, create a website presence that positions them as sought-after experts, land clients with ease and integrity, and take their place as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. My mission is to help consultants and coaches monetize their best-at strengths and authentic passions to make a bigger difference in the world. Check out my brand strategy, messaging, and design services at https://www.betsyjordyn.com


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