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How To Align Your Business To Your Superpowers with Renee Brauns

2 - brand messaging & positioning imposter syndrome Apr 14, 2022

Is your business aligned to your superpowers? 

If not, get ready for some actionable tips and guidance from Renee Brauns to make that happen.

Renee worked her way up into leadership roles. The logical next step in her career was not a repeat of what she's already done but to create something new based on what makes her unique and all of her experience. 

Renee shares her story about what she did to discover her superpowers and the vital work to align her business model to them. At times, scarcity fears set in that told her she needed to offer everything and the kitchen sink to everyone, but she didn't listen to that voice. Instead, she stayed true to who she truly is, and the results are amazing!

Today, she helps association leaders who want personalized guidance and a strategic approach to achieving their goals of membership growth and organizational sustainability.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • What Renee's past revealed about her superpower 
  • The antidote to imposter syndrome and "can I do this"
  • How Renee got to a place where the words about what she does flow out of her
  • Why perfectionism holds us back from putting a brand into action
  • Why Renee needed collaborators to dial into her superpower and launch right

I love that she opened up about how she pushed through the challenging parts of figuring out her brand positioning and messaging, especially copywriting! Renee shares how we processed those tough phases to create her ideal brand position and messaging.  

Next steps:

  1. Connect with Rene if you are an association leader who wants personalized guidance and a strategic approach to achieving their goals of membership growth and organizational sustainability goals.
  2. Check out my free Value Proposition download to articulate what you do, like Renee.
  3. Connect with me if you need to discover your superpower, find your ideal client, and refine your services just like Renee.

About My Guest: Renee is an organizational strategic and alignment specialist dedicated to advancing your association to the next level of engagement, achievement, and sustainable growth! She has spent the last 20+ years as an association executive at a national professional membership association with a total of 44,000 members, 11 Board members, 250 volunteers, and 100 staff. While Renee was effective at leading teams who were responsible for membership, communication & marketing, non-dues revenues, and professional development, she discovered what she enjoy the most is aligning teams – boards, volunteers, and staff – around delivering exceptional value by executing and producing consistent results for member and individual satisfaction. Learn more.

About me: I'm a Brand Positioning Strategist that helps consulting and coaching business owners clarify their brand positioning and messaging, create a website presence that positions them as sought-after experts, land clients with ease and integrity, and take their place as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. My mission is to help consultants and coaches monetize their best-at strengths and authentic passions to make a bigger difference in the world. Check out my brand strategy, messaging, and design services at https://www.betsyjordyn.com.

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