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Front-Line To C-Suite | Inside The Heart and Mind of Former Disney COO and Experience Steward Jim MacPhee

2 - brand messaging & positioning Jul 07, 2022

Do you want to know what executives in world-class companies think about leadership and why they hire consultants and coaches?

Today, I'm chatting with one of my favorite executives of all time, Jim MacPhee, recently retired Chief Operating Officer and self-proclaimed Experience Steward for Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. He is also the author of the newly released book Engage, Inspire, Lead. 

I have worked on and off with Jim since 1999, first as his Organization Development Consultant at Disney and, more recently, as a sounding board when he retired from his 43-year career.

I invited Jim to join me on the show for several reasons.

First, I have been talking for the last few episodes about the importance of not just identifying your ideal client but getting in their hearts and minds so you can position yourself, products/services, and copy to connect with them. But figuring out how executives think can be challenging for consultants and coaches if we haven't been executives before. So, I thought, why not bring on some of my former clients so you can hear for yourself?

Second, Jim is one of the best executives and lives the values driving consultants and coaches like us, especially around purpose and relationship. It's hard to stay encouraged in our short-term profit-obsessed world that these unicorn executives exist. But they do. Jim offers powerful insight into what created his leadership philosophies and practices.  

In this episode, you'll hear why:

  • Leaders must surround themselves with people who dare to think differently and will be honest.
  • All your experiences, obvious or not, add to your greater purpose and work as a leader.
  • Great leaders can't lead from an ivory tower and need to know what it's like on the front lines.
  • Consultants and coaches succeed or fail when dealing with the C-Suite.

Ready for new ways of thinking about leadership and actionable inspiration to find and work with C-Suite executives (or executives on their way to the C-Suite) like Jim? You will not want to miss this episode. This interview is THAT powerful.

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About my guest: Jim MacPhee began his career with Walt Disney World in the summer of 1978 and retired on April1st, 2021 as Chief Operating Officer / Senior Vice President, Operations, at the Walt Disney World® Resort. In a career spanning over 42 years, Jim functioned in a variety of roles across all of the theme parks at both Walt Disney World® and the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim, California. He began his career in the summer of 1978 as an hourly cast member. In 1996 was promoted to the executive position of General Manager, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Shortly thereafter, in 1999, Jim ventured off to California to be a part of the opening team for Disney’s California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort as Vice President, Attractions & Guest Services for the Disneyland Resort. In the spring of 2002, Jim returned to Walt Disney World®, and in 2004 was promoted to Vice President of Park Operations Development, Optimization, and Standardization. In early 2007, Jim accepted the role of Vice President, Epcot®, a position he held until March 2009, when he was assigned to lead the transformation of the Walt Disney World vacation experience via the introduction of My Magic+, resulting in co-authorship of multiple patents in the creation and introduction of experience technology enhancements.

He was promoted to the role of Senior Vice President, Walt Disney World® Parks in 2010 and was responsible for the strategic direction of Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, in addition to operationalizing My Magic + across the landscape of the site. In January 2018, Jim was promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President, Walt Disney World® Resort. This role spanned all site operations, including four theme parks, more than 20 resorts, premium experiences, college housing, transportation, Disney Springs, security, two water parks, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. 

In the spring of 2020, Jim played the lead role for the Walt Disney World site in managing the pandemic-driven strategic and executional phases of closure, downtime and re-opening, which included preparing and presenting the re-opening plans to local and state government officials. Today, Jim is a consultant to large-scale organizations and C-Suite leaders looking for a transformation in leadership, culture.

About me: Betsy Jordyn is the founder and CEO of Betsy Jordyn International, a boutique branding firm that offers personalized mentoring and end-to-end creative design services to help high-achieving, purpose-driven entrepreneurs build profitable consulting and coaching businesses that they love. Betsy is the host of the weekly Enough Already podcast, blog, and YouTube channel, with over 300 episodes. Through her company and her content, she is on a mission to empower accomplished professionals to make the shift from success to significance and achieve their full potential in their careers and in their personal lives.


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