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Create a Soulful and Profitable Business with Puja Madan (Ep73)

Do you ever feel like you're working tirelessly and still feel unfulfilled and disconnected? Puja Madan, a leadership coach who blends spirituality and entrepreneurship, shares her journey through the contrasting worlds of meditation centers and tech startups and how she developed her Amplify Model to help entrepreneurs find clarity in their values, vision, and voice.

In this heartfelt conversation, we delve into the importance of self-connection for success, the power of reflection, and connecting with our authentic selves to create a more meaningful and valuable career. We also discuss Puja's Amplified Life Triangle, a vital tool for understanding energy management and achieving a balance between logic and intuition in our lives and businesses.

Don't miss this powerful conversation on the importance of deep spiritual work, trusting the process of divine timing, and aligning values and genius in work. Puja shares her wisdom on creating space for new opportunities, following our intuition to guide our decisions and actions, and uncovering the secrets to soulful business growth. Allow yourself to be inspired and guided toward a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • about the connection between a purpose driven business and spiritual alignment
  • why self connection is integral to success
  • why you need a self-energy strategy 
  • how to align your values and zone of genius 

Where to dive in:

(0:00:03) - Purpose-Driven Business With Spiritual Alignment (9 Minutes)

Today, I'm talking to Puja Madan, a leadership coach and expert in building a meaningful business that is aligned with your purpose and values. I'm excited to explore how to create a high impact business out of your soul, and learn more about Puja's background and how she uniquely blends spirituality and entrepreneurship. We discuss the contrast between the two worlds she was living in: one was soft, with the meditation centers, and the other was hard, with the tech startups. We also explore why we are set up to be so disintegrated in the world, and how Puja's journey led her to be a leader in coaching and supporting those who are purpose driven but running out of fire.

(0:08:57) - The Natural Progression of Integration (6 Minutes)

We explore how nature provides us with a blueprint of integration and harmony, and how this can be applied to our own spiritual evolution. Puja's Amplify Model is examined, which is her own journey that she has used to help her clients, and how it can provide clarity in our values, vision and voice. We question why our natural inclination is to quickly jump into strategy without taking time for the inner work, and explore how this can be linked to our trauma and sense of survival.

(0:15:20) - Self-Connection for Success (9 Minutes)

We discuss how easily we can be tricked into thinking that we are hustling and working hard, but still feel empty and unfulfilled. We explore the importance of reflection to look at how we are approaching our service-based business, and how to recognize if we are recreating our career or if we are doing work that is meaningful and valuable to us. We also talk about the importance of connecting with our self in order to un-learn what is not authentic, and how to come to a place of grounding and integration to do the work that comes from our presence.

(0:24:21) - The Energy Triangle (5 Minutes)

Puja's Amplified Life Triangle is important for entrepreneurs to understand energy management. We explore how to create a balance between logical and analytical masculine energy and intuitive feminine energy. We also discuss ways to nourish ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to help sustain our creative goals. Lastly, we talk about how energy, time, and mindset interact with one another and how we can use this to be more intentional and conscious of how we are using our resources.

(0:29:27) - The Importance of Self-Energy Strategy (11 Minutes)

I chat with Puja Madan about the importance of deep spiritual work and how it sets in motion a bigger path and purpose. Puja explains how it takes time to fully percolate and that we need to give ourselves permission, time and space to up level energetically and spiritually. We also explore the difference between evolutionary change and transformational change and how intuition plays an important role in understanding the right timing. Finally, we discuss the importance of trusting the process and divine timing, no matter how long it takes.

(0:40:14) - Aligning Values and Genius in Work (7 Minutes)

Today I'm talking with Puja Madan about the importance of setting intentional time for self-care and reflection. We explore how to create a balance between logic and intuition, how to build a framework that aligns with our values and purpose, and how deep spiritual work can set in motion a bigger path and purpose. Puja shares her Amplified Life Triangle and how it can help entrepreneurs manage their energy and recognize when it's time to uplevel or introduce a new program. We also talk about how nature provides us with a blueprint of integration and harmony, and how to pay attention to our energy when making decisions. Finally, Puja shares how doing things from an overflow of joy can help us scale our business naturally.

(0:47:00) - Letting Go Rituals and Creating Space (7 Minutes)

Today, I'm talking to Puja Madan about releasing programs or courses that are no longer resonating with our current path. We emphasize the importance of taking the time to meditate, pray, and feel what is true to our bodies, and to honor the gifts that something has brought into our lives. We explore a gratitude practice for letting go, and how to create space for something new to come in. We discuss the idea of a flash sale to give a proper goodbye, and how to invite in positive energy for the next phase of our careers. Finally, Puja shares how to work with her and get in touch.

(0:53:40) - Power of Intuition and Self-Connection (3 Minutes)

Today, I'm talking to Puja Madan about the power of following intuition and how it drives our decisions and actions. We focus on the importance of connecting with our inner self and spiritual core to create a reset in our lives. We discuss how this connection allows us to make decisions from a place of alignment and trust, and how it leads to courage to say no to things that are not in alignment. Puja shares her own experiences of how connecting to her intuition guided her in selling her house, relocating to Denver, and how it has changed her approach to her business and clients.

(0:56:51) - Soulful Business Growth (2 Minutes)

Puja's story of vulnerability and willingness to show up as their authentic self without putting on masks or facades is moving and makes them magnetic and compelling to their people. We use nature's blueprint of integration and harmony to spiritually evolve, and how we can be tricked into thinking we are hustling and working hard, yet still be feeling empty and unfulfilled. We focus on Puja's Amplified Life Triangle and how to create a balance between logic and emotion, deep spiritual work, and setting intentional time for self-care and reflection. Finally, we emphasize the power of following our intuition and how it helps us make decisions and take actions.

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About the guest: Puja Madan the secret weapon to leaders and executives seeking to be more resilient, productive and conscious in an increasingly complex workplace. Originally from India, Puja has over 15 years experience teaching mindfulness and meditation-based techniques to executives, holds an MBA and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York. She has coached leaders at Sony, LinkedIn and Gilead amongst others. Her work has been featured in publications like the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Thrive Global, and the Washington Post. Puja has carved out a niche for herself amongst industry leaders who are eager to accelerate their businesses through conscious leadership.

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