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Why CEO’s Hire Consultants and Coaches: The REAL Value They Bring with Brad Rex (Ep64)

Today, Brad Rex shares the real reasons why executives hire consultants and coaches. He talks about his exciting career journey, which started at the Naval Academy, then to British Petroleum, and finally to Disney. He applied for a financial manager job at Disney and was one of 1400 candidates. Brad and I worked together at Disney and have been colleagues for many years.

Brad had an unconventional start to his career after meeting his boss's boss while studying finance at college. He was offered an executive job at Disney and moved to Orlando, Florida, in 1994. During his twelve-and-a-half-year tenure, he worked in finance and strategic planning before taking over as leader of Epcot theme park on the week of 911, 2001. He was responsible for opening several attractions and expanding to the festivals until he left to take on a job with Hilton Grand Vacations. This job involved visiting their resorts in New York, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Hawaii, until the company was acquired by Blackstone.

He is also the author of The Surpassing Life: Deep Personal Excellence.

Today, Brad is the CEO of EHOME Counseling Group, a nationwide virtual mental health counseling business. His company had the idea of counseling people virtually before the pandemic and started by focusing on reducing veteran suicides. Now, they are in network with all the major insurance companies and have a major partnership with Wounded Warrior Project. In addition, they are now the primary mental health care provider for the US Olympic and Paralympic Team!

Tune in to hear Brad's incredible journey and get the real reasons why executives hire consultants.

Where to dive in:

0:02:39 Heading: Professional Conversation with Brad May, Former Disney and Hilton Grand Vacations Executive 

0:04:44 Professional Experience of Brad Johnson, President and CEO of EHOME Counseling Group 

0:06:19 Virtual Mental Health Counseling Company Overview 

0:08:31 Celebrating Life Through Death Care: A Conversation with an Executive 

0:11:58 Brad's Passion for Service and Redemption: Achieving Full Potential and Happiness 

0:16:42 Combining Leadership Training and Compassion to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential 

0:24:10 Leveraging Consultants and Coaches for Political Reasons 

0:26:24 Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for a CEO 

0:30:52 Finding the Right Consultant for Pricing Solutions 

0:32:19 The Value of Independent Feedback for CEOs 

0:35:12 The Value of Consulting for CEOs and Organizations 

0:37:03 Stakeholder Management: The Value of a Consultant in Organizational Alignment 

0:43:33 Executive Coaching: Adding Value to the Conversation 

0:45:48 Leveraging Time Investment for Business Growth 

0:48:05 Executive Coaching and Consulting 

0:50:21 The Value of Outsourcing: Leveraging Expertise to Fill Gaps in Your Organization

0:55:03 Leveraging Consulting Expertise to Drive Business Growth 

0:56:50 Maximizing Potential Through Leadership and Consulting 

1:00:18 Strategic Thinking and Tactical Implementing: A Consultant's Perspective 

1:02:29 Strategic Thinking and Targeting Specific CEOs and Companies 

1:03:49 Leadership, Surpassing Life, and Consulting Coaches 


About the guest: Brad Rex is an accomplished senior executive and corporate officer with proven experience growing businesses and driving results in start-up, turnaround, expansion and multi-site situations. He has over 20 years of corporate experience in major multi-national companies including the Walt Disney Company, Hilton and British Petroleum, and led Disney's Epcot theme park after 9/11. He is a strategic and operational leader, having led strategic planning, finance and business development teams for these companies, as well as leading large operating units of over $500 million and $1 billion in revenue. He is a distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School, and was a nuclear submarine officer. He has 20 years of experience on major non-profit boards, and an extensive network of outstanding business leaders and support professionals. An industry visionary, Brad specializes in distressed and growth business opportunities. In a previous role, he implemented turn around planning resulting in revenue and EBITDA increases of 50%, and equity of 60%. Brad has roll-up and extensive acquisition experience, delivering rapid growth, such as a 70% increase in volume through six major acquisitions in one year. He drives high employee and customer satisfaction, with industry-leading customer service and employee satisfaction statistics above 80%. Brad is President and CEO of eHome Counseling Group, a company that is revolutionizing the behavioral healthcare industry by providing nationwide psychological counseling through metrics based virtual counseling services. 

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