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The Pair of Hands Trap: What Keeps Consultants From Strategic Client Partnership (Ep 53)

Today I'll discuss the positioning traps that hold consultants back from their impact and earning potential.

To set the context for what I mean by positioning traps – I need to take you back in time to 1997 when my mentor and professor told me – people don't get what you do and what you can offer as an organizational consultant. His feedback was impactful; I will share what he taught me to do and the powerful results!

I learned that if we want to be treated and paid as a strategic partner, we must position ourselves that way. Otherwise, we'll default into one of the positioning traps that will stand in the way of the difference we want to make and the income we want to earn.

This insight about taking charge of my positioning is a theme throughout my consulting and entrepreneurial career – including what I do now as a brand messaging and positioning strategist.

When I got to Disney, I was able to consult with the executives on the strategic projects I mentioned in the last episode because I positioned myself to do that work. I proactively advocated for the work approach I thought was best for my role. 

This positioning perspective is behind my approach to landing work, which I call a Partnership Set Up. It is how I grew my business and helped my clients grow small requests into six-figure engagements.

And it's key from a marketing standpoint because the truth is the role of a strategic partner and executive advisor isn't on the org chart and shouldn't be, which I'll explain why in this episode.

Now, let's get into the positioning pitfalls.

Where to dive in:

[4:12] Check out the cheat sheet I made for this episode: www.betsyjordyn.com/consulting-approaches

[06:01] Hear why it's so easy to fall into the pair of hands trap and how it can make things worse for your clients.

[11:16] The impact the pair of hands trap has on your income.

[14:54] Why consultants fall into the surrogate leadership trap and its risks.

[21:28] Hear how great consultant positioning is somewhere in the middle of the pair of hands and surrogate leadership trap continuum.

[29:33] Listen to the recap!

Next steps: 

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