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Top Solutions Every Consultant Ought To Know (Ep54)

Today, I'm sharing the top solutions that every consultant should know.

Do you have a goal of growing a high-impact, high-income consulting business? Do you want the control it will give you over your career, to make great use of your experience, and to make a difference? 

Here's the problem – especially if you're brand new, you probably have a misconception of what a consultant does. And if you don't know what a consultant does, you don't know what to sell.

If you don't know what to sell, you avoid marketing like the plague and procrastinate on meeting someone who expresses interest in your services. 

In this episode, we're going to turn this around. 

I'll be going over my top five consulting solutions – what they are, why you need to know them, and how to get started.

I have shared some of my Disney background with you through this series. The short story is that after my masters in OD, I landed my dream job at Disney as an internal OD consultant. I had a leader who ran our internal department like we were an external consultancy and expected that we invest 20% of our time building up our mastery in the consulting best practices.

We did quarterly work sessions.

We did weekly practice sessions.

We created an intranet site called the OD workbench that contained all of these best practices we could access wherever we were on the property, which served as an inspiration for a program that I created that I called The Consultant's toolbox.

This is why marketing didn't scare me when I started my business, even though it was new to me. I was confident in what I'd do with a client once I got one. 

I created a cheat sheet to give you the big picture of the consulting solutions you could be selling your clients. So head on over to www.betsyjordyn.com/solutions and grab yours.

Want the big picture of the consulting solutions you could be selling your clients? Click here to grab a free sheet >>>

Where to dive in:

[01:59] Hear how my Disney background influenced this episode.

[04:47] Go to www.betsyjordyn.com/solutions and grab your cheat sheet that details how you can create value for your corporate clients.

[05:16] Hear about how and why you ned to conduct an assessment with your clients.

[09:01] Understand how and why you need to create a strategy so you client has a game plan for winning.

[13:35] Learn more about org design and why it's a high value solution that very few consultants understand.

 [16:38] Why leadership development isn't just about training! 

 [22:00] Hear why executive teams are unique, their challenges, and how to help.

[25:08] Tune in for the quick recap and learn how to understand which solution your client needs!

Next steps:

  • What's most important right now is expanding your mind on delivering exceptional value to your clients.
  • Go to www.betsyjordyn.com/solutions and grab your cheat sheet that details how you can create value for your corporate clients.
  • Subscribe and stay tuned for next week as I wrap up this series on the top power skills that every consultant and executive advisor should have.  

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