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Don't Settle for an Online Brochure.
Build Your 24/7 Marketing & Sales Machine

Personalized copy coaching and world-class visual design to equip you with a


It's time to evolve from being the world's best-kept secret to a sought-after premium brand 

Let my team and I help you create an impressive online home that generates ongoing revenue while fully expressing your unique strengths and message.

Through your business platform, you'll forge a magnetic bond with the people you're meant to serve, which translates into mutually profitable client partnerships that matter. 

Sure, you'll get what you naturally expect from a marketing agency -
a stunning visual brand and website design.

But we'll also accelerate your ability to find the words that describe the value of what you do so that your future clients cannot help but say, "Where have you been? I need you!"

What you want to do:

  • Have a website that reflects the depth of your experience
  • Get support around the creative elements of growing a business
  • Get out of your head and create copy that connects
  • Describe your services in a compelling way
  • Attract and convert clients via your website
  • Find your voice, shape your message and change the world

Who this is for:

  • Consultants and Coaches
  • New and seasoned business owners
  • Demands excellence for their online image
  • Have a good understanding of your ideal client and value proposition
  • Excited to be pushed to get their website done and launched
  • Ready to learn copywriting, step-by-step

What can a website that converts do for you?

9 of out 10 consultants and coaches minimize the influence of their website on their earning potential.

Are you one of them? 

My team and I will help you stand out among the crowd and:

Establish Your Credibility

Create a lasting impression as a legitimate business owner and sought-after expert worth premium fees.

Attract & Convert Clients

Set up your website as your 24/7 unpaid marketing team - consistently at work getting you clients.

Live Your Brand

Have a business that looks and feels like you and expresses the change you want to ignite in the world. 


"I finally have a working website that is delivering results.

I had this idea of what my coaching practice should look like and for a few years DIY'ed most of my branding. I was frustrated with myself for not being able to get myself off the ground. That my branding looked home-made and there were no flow, consistency and vision. It felt like I was shooting in the dark, hoping I would hit the right branding idea that would help me stand out from the crowd.

I spent hours and thousands of Euros trying to figure out website design, graphic design and positioning myself within the market. I looked at other niche coaches’ websites and tried to copy what they did, especially if it looked like it was working. Eventually, all this DIY was a bottomless pit and spent more money on "trial-and-error" than I should have. 

As a result of working with Betsy and her team, for the first time, I have a working website, well thought through and the design is spot-on. I was able to launch my first virtual retreat, which for someone that came from nothing and that had no followers, this was a huge win."

Carlien Doevendans, President, Carlien Doevendans Coaching


What You Get

We create a personalized project plan and deliverables uniquely tailored to your needs. Whether you want us to create a custom website for you or you just need some support as you DIY your website design, we got you covered. Here's a peek of what we can offer you. 

Copywriting Coaching & Training

We'll show you how to write words that open hearts and wallets. You'll write compelling copy that is free from lame corporate-speak and persuades clients to work with you.

Logo Design +

Our amazing team will create for you a design package that visually expresses your brand including a logo, color palette and strategically picked fonts. 

Design Assets

For our DIY clients, we use your visual brand to create design assets (e.g., background images, headers, etc.) that will make your template website appear custom and high-end.

Website Design & Development

We'll build you a custom website on the user-friendly Kajabi platform. You'll get both beauty and functionality and have the total flexibility to make edits and changes when needed. 

Online Business Integrations

We'll make sure all the moving pieces and parts of your online presence (e.g., email marketing, online scheduler, custom domain, Google Analytics, etc.) are working and integrated.

Search Engine Optimization

We'll help you get found online. With strategically placed keywords and some other back-end magic, you'll be able to meet clients while relaxing in your backyard.

Social Media Alignment

Social media, especially LinkedIn, is a part of your online presence. We'll help you extend your visual brand and copy to all of your client touchpoints.

Launch Training & Ongoing Support

We'll help you craft a launch strategy that engages your network. And you'll get tutorial videos on how to operate your new online platform and make the most of it. 

Brand Messaging & Positioning

If you haven't been through my signature Brand Messaging & Positioning program, we can include it as part of your website design project. You'll get clear on the value you offer and your point of differentiation in the market. This strategic clarity is exactly what you need to get your website copywriting in flow and set up a marketing system that will work.


The Timeline

Once our team has your photos and copy, we can build you a visual brand and website in as little as 3 weeks. 

What ultimately determines how long your website project will take is how the muse shows up for you as you engage in the creative process of writing copy.

While we could write copy for you, it is in your best interest for you to craft that critical first draft because this is your business to birth. If you want to find your voice, you have to play with the words yourself.

BUT we have turned the art of copywriting into a science and created a structured approach that logical thinkers like you can follow.

Through a combination of coaching calls, video training/tutorials, in-depth guides, and on-call access, you will get through the challenging task of writing website copy and have the words that make you the obvious, no-brainer solution for your clients.


President, Sarah Gleeson International

"Finding the Meaningful Words to Make the Right Impact Has Been a Total Game Changer!

I would come across someone’s website page and suddenly felt inadequate about my own. I knew my website represented my message and I struggled with being able to tell my audience who I was and how I could help them in a way that would impact them in the way I wanted it to. Then I signed up to work with Betsy Jordyn on my copy.  Wow! I had some of my most powerful personal breakthroughs EVER!

I learned how to use intentional and meaningful words that would make the right impact to the person reading it, which helped me not just with my copy but with my copy skills, comfort and confidence, which has been a total game-changer for me both professionally and personally."

Sarah Gleeson, President, Sarah Gleeson International

Getting Started

Because of the customized nature of our programs and support, your first step is to book a call with us to chat about your needs so we together can co-create the BEST custom solution for YOU. 

To give you a sense of the financial investment, visual branding/design starts at $1800 USD, copywriting coaching starts at $8500 USD and website design (including visual branding and copywriting coaching) starts at $14,500 USD.

We offer generous payment plans and incentives/discounts for up-front payment.


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President, Massman Consulting

"I finally have a new website...and new programs with a list of individuals ready to sign on."

With the pandemic lockdowns, I finally had time to contemplate the current state of my brand positioning and where I wanted to go next in my consulting practice. I knew I needed someone with an objective viewpoint to assist with the process and was thrilled to find Betsy. A me for me!

Now, I finally have a new website! This seems like a small thing but it's been years in the making.

I have a much better sense of how I want to spend my time and which clients I want to pursue. I'm developing new programs and already have a list of individuals ready to sign on."

Have questions or need help deciding what is right for you?

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