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Marketing Messaging VIP Day

An exclusive 1:1 strategic messaging day to help you

Get the Words that Opens the Hearts (and Wallets) of Your Future High-Paying Clients…Fast!

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Marketing Messaging VIP Day

An exclusive 1:1 strategic messaging day to help you

Get the Words that Opens the Hearts (and Wallets) of Your Future High-Paying Clients…Fast!

✆ Book a Call to Get Started

Is Writer's Block Standing in the Way Between You and Your Next High-Paying Client?

If you’re like many consultants and coaches, you agonize at times over what to say in your marketing or how to put together a proposal that will convert clients.

Writer’s block can be torment.

How can you get clients when you’re agonizing over the words to use to attract and land them?

Through an exclusive VIP strategy session, we’ll get the words you need to attract and convert clients, fast.

Finding the right words cannot take forever!

Otherwise, you’ll be leaving money and opportunity on the table.

The Solution

Give me a day and I’ll help you find the words you need to get clients…STAT!

Using my experience as a consultant, coach, content creator and copywriter, I’ll help you untangle and organize your ideas into words that connect, convince, and convert. You can use your one-day session for:

Website Copy

If your website reads like a resume, it’s time to work on your website copy.

Through our day together, we’ll create conversational, engaging words for either your Home, About or Services page to help you both attract and convert clients.

You’ll also get clarity on what you can do to set up your website page to get picked up by search engines and turn website browsers into buyers!

Signature Service Framing 

If you have an idea brewing for a high-end signature consulting or coaching service but aren’t sure what to include that will be appealing to a potential client, how to describe the features and benefits in a compelling way and have no idea how to price it, let’s tackle this in your VIP Day!

Together we’ll create an offer that will be irresistible to your future clients and give you a way to best leverage your strengths to make great money and a difference.

Content Creation for Conversion

Creating remarkable content is the single best way to both attract and warm up potential clients.

But getting those ideas out of your head and set up for conversion can be a massive challenge for both new and seasoned consultants and coaches.

In your VIP Day, we’ll brainstorm 60-90 days of content ideas, turn your most promising idea into an epic blog post while giving you essential skills to get out of the chase for clients and using your content to attract them to you!

Proposal Writing and Pricing

If you have a client that you’re wanting to pitch work to but have no idea how to write a proposal in way that gets that client to respond to the potential of working with you with an enthusiastic, “Yes, yes, 1000x yes!”, let me help you!

During our VIP Day, I’ll use my 20+ years of experience writing proposals that have led to millions of dollars’ worth of revenue to help you craft a proposal that sets you up to be seen and paid as an expert AND a strategic partner.

The Results

Get the right words for your business, fast. Maximize your time AND your earning potential.  

"Betsy is the 'Word Finder' 

"Betsy's described what I do so much better than I never did. She gave me the words that I was able to tweak and now they are mine. As a result, I can now execute with confidence."

Sari Goodman, Parenting Coach

Ready for the Words to Attract
and/or Land Clients...FAST?

Packages start at $4950


Here's How It Works

Step 1: Book a call

We’ll chat about what type of VIP Day – Website Copywriting, Signature Service, Content for Conversion or Proposal Writing you need and set a date.


Step 2: Custom Homework

To ensure we make the most of your VIP Day, I’ll create some pre-work for you that you’ll complete and send to me prior to our VIP Day.

Step 3: Co-Create Your Marketing Messages

The typical schedule looks like the following:

  • 9am – 11am: We’ll review and discuss your pre-work and I’ll draw out you the messages that want to convey in your website, content, signature service or proposal
  • 11am – 2:30pm: We’ll take a break and I’ll get to work putting structure and order to your messages and give you the first draft of the words you need
  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm: We’re review what I came up with and make revisions real-time 3:30pm –
  • 4:00pm: We’ll discuss next steps

Step 4: Follow Up Support

You’ll get access to me via email and WhatsApp for 30 days to help as you turn your messages into final copy PLUS...6 months access to the Purpose to Profits Academy (an action-learning mastermind designed to equip you with persuasive communication, marketing and sales skills.)

Step 5: Get the Persuasive Words to Get Clients

No more writer’s block! No more staring at the computer trying to figure out what to say! Get a first draft of copy that will get you into flow so that you can get out there, land clients, get paid as an expert and do the consulting and coaching you love!

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Burning questions your fellow consultants and coaches ask before signing up for a Marketing Messaging VIP Day

Ready for for the Words that Connect, Convince and Convert Clients...in a Day?


What to say next time someone asks what you do.

Download my FREE guide to help you explain what you do with clarity, confidence and credibility.

Getting the right words to describe the unique value of what you do can feel impossible - especially if you a lot of strengths and experiences. We can help you get to the heart of what you do as a consultant or coach and give you the right words that resonate with your clients and gets them to want to work with you!

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