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How to Ditch Imposter Syndrome and Launch Your Dream Business with Dali Hammouch (Ep89)

Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome and Hello to Your Dream Business

Got big visions for turning your experience as a corporate leader into your own consulting or coaching business?

Chances are, you also have big fears!

In this must-listen episode, Dali Hammouch, a former Chief Learning Officer turned Transformational Change Mentor and Coach, unpacks the emotional journey of leaving the familiar behind and stepping boldly into the entrepreneurial world.

Dali doesn’t just share his story; he breaks down exactly how to handle the emotional issues that come up in the face of transformational change…

….and offers a roadmap for facing and overcoming the fears, doubts, and imposter syndrome that can hold you back from your consulting or coaching business potential.

Tune in and discover: 

[0:02:17] -  How to make use of your time in the corporate world to prepare for your transition to entrepreneurship

[0:09:20] -  Why does your professional identity's perspective limit how you view the world (and what you can do to alter it)

[0:14:15] -  When to decide/What acted as a catalyst that you need a radical change in your career path

[0:18:59] -  How to take failure as an opportunity to learn

[0:27:46] -  What are the signs and symptoms that you are dealing with Imposter Syndrome

[0:42:33] -  What are the obstacles you might encounter during your career transition

[0:50:32] -  What you must do to embrace transformational change

About me: I’m a Business Mentor and Brand Messaging Strategist that helps consulting and coaching business owners turn their consulting and coaching purpose into profitable reality. I accelerate the success of clients like Dali by helping them clear about their business strategy and authentic brand, create messages and visual brand identity and online platform that expresses the unique value of what they do and gets clients excited to work with them. Click here to learn more about my services: www.betsyjordyn.com/services or dive into more of the backstory of how Dali and I worked together to accelerate his business launch

About my guest: Dali Hammouch is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Change Management Guide. He empowers individuals to create a meaningful and lasting change in their organization and guides them to break free from being overwhelmed and hone their ability to lead change effectively. You can learn more about Dali at https://www.dalihammouch.com/

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