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How to Turn Your Career into Your Own Consulting or Coaching Business (Ep1)

Why is it that some people can seamlessly and confidently transition from corporate leadership to consulting and coaching business ownership where others gets stuck?

In this first episode of my brand-new podcast, I explore the three key elements that separate the most successful consultants and coaches from their peers and what can hold us back from achieving our full potential.

I also share the real story of how what it really took for me to leave my high-profile role as an organization development consultant at Disney and WHY it can be so hard for shift from corporate leader to business owner.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Fear more, not less. Change is not what you fear; it's the unknown. You have to fear the right thing! What is your fear of NOT TAKING THIS step? Don't calculate the cost of what can go wrong; calculate the fear of not moving forward. Time is not a renewable resource. What happens if you don't act?
  2. Elevate your perception of consulting and coaching. There are broken systems at every level. My firm conviction is that consultants and coaches are wired to solve these problems and are needed! If you want to monetize your purpose, you have to BEGIN with your purpose. You are not an extra pair of hands, you are a world changer.
  3. Transformed people, transform people. When you take this leap, your identity will no longer be tied to your salary. Your sense of achievement is now about who you are! How you've always done things won't work going forward. You have to flip the script about what your corporate persona said you are.
  4. Who are you, and what do you authentically want? Not what everyone thinks you should want... What do you need to get the courage to make your dream real?

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