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How to Create a "What I Do" Statement That Impresses Potential Clients [On-Air Coaching with J. Kyle Howard]

2 - brand messaging & positioning 4 - marketing & sales Sep 07, 2021

Have you switched up your career from leadership to consulting and coaching? Are you wondering how to establish your credibility with potential clients, especially when you're just starting?

Do you wish you had a ready response to the "What do you?" question that is engaging and compelling?

 In this on-air coaching session with my client J. Kyle Howard, you'll see how to answer "What do you do?" with confidence through a real-life example. 

J. Kyle is a former CIO turned consultant, and one of the big things that held him back from launching his business and marketing was not having a straightforward way to express what he does. In addition, he wanted to know what he could do to show up with potential clients as an expert, given that he is new to consulting.

During our chat, I tell J that he needs to identify whether he is a B2B or B2C consultant or coach - this will determine how he positions himself and answers the dreaded "What do you do?" question.

To get started, we dive into how J converts a problem into value for his clients. The solution he offers is the essence of his brand promise and the answer to what he does. When we nail down the exact issue J solves, we have the gateway into answering, "So what do you do?".

Before we go any further, it's important to say we are NOT creating an elevator pitch. Our goal is not to sell someone after a quick monologue.

Common mistakes made when answering "So what do you?" are:

  • Leading with a title
  • Leading with the methodology 
  • Leading with a sales pitch

Your "What do I do" statement is built around your value proposition. The answer is all about how you help OTHER people. It's not just about you.

In today's "over-the-shoulder" tutorial, you'll learn:

  • My proven 3-part framework for creating a credible "what I do" statement that impresses potential clients
  • How to stop worrying about exciting ways to explain your methodology (and what to do instead)
  • Strategies you can use right now to begin creating authentic connections with potential clients (and referrers to potential clients)

Start sharing how you help others with confidence and have real conversations around the value you offer. 

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