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How to Become a Trusted and Influential Executive Advisor

heart & mindset mastery organizational consulting & executive advising Jan 07, 2020
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Are You Ready to Take Your Place as an Advisor to the C-Suite?

Consultants and coaches, here’s a truth bomb: If you’re not positioning yourself as an executive advisor, you’re leaving massive opportunities on the table.

And chances are - you know this.

  • You’ve probably faced the frustration of being underutilized or, worse, undervalued.
  • You see the strategic opportunities but aren’t positioned to do anything about it.
  • You have the proverbial seat at the table, without a voice that is heard.
  • You’ve got expertise, but you’re just scratching the surface of your potential impact.

What’s stopping you? Maybe it’s the challenge of forging credibility and trust with senior leaders, or perhaps it’s the uncertainty around offer this type of service.

But imagine this: You’re the trusted advisor top leaders rely on.

You’re the one that they turn to when they are crafting the strategies and making the decisions that will drive immediate and long-term success. You’re not just solving problems or offering advice; you’re a critical part of the executive team’s success.

That’s the power of being an executive advisor.

What is an Executive Advisor?

An executive advisor is a role that either a consultant or coach can play. It’s an individual who acts as a thinking partner and sounding board to enhance an executive’s ability to make and execute the best possible decisions that benefit the entire realm that they are responsible for – customers, employees, leadership, shareholders, and the community.

Their main job is to sift through clutter and chaos to help an executive arrive at the clarity in terms of both thoughts and desired action so that results are accelerated and the potential of both the leader and the organization is ignited and realized.

Your primary executive advisory skill isn’t your consulting or even your coaching expertise. What you need to succeed as an executive advisor are objectivity, expert questioning, framing & empathy, influence/persuasion, and strategic/systems thinking.

The Vital Role of a Trusted Executive Advisor

When you choose to step outside of your typical consulting and coaching and become an executive advisor, you’re setting yourself up for unparalleled business success. You’ll elevate your impact, income, and brand image. And the best part? You’ll have a way to scale up your profits, without working harder.

But the real value is the difference you can make with your executive clients and the entire organization they led. The truth is that it really is lonely at the top. Senior leaders have a vantage point that isn’t shared by their direct reports who are often jockeying for power or posturing themselves to take over the senior leader’s role. They have so much information and stakeholders that they are dealing with. They have so many competing priorities, stress, and pressure.

And then you come in. When you help them put order to their thoughts and make decisions that really do benefit the entire system that they are responsible for - you literally change the world. You play an essential role in creating workplaces that truly balance people, purpose, profit, and the planet.

Steps to Becoming an Executive Advisor

Inspired? Now let me give you a few steps to get started.

  • Envision You as an Executive Advisor

    Cultivate the vision for taking on this role alongside what you do and offer a consultant or coach. See and feel the impact you can make as an executive advisor.
  • Be Proactive with Current Clients

    Offer your availability as a thinking partner. Make it known that you are the one they can rely on to help them sort and organize their ideas to determine the best course of action.
  • Pitch an Executive Advisory Offer

    Next time someone expresses interest in working with you, consider embedding a trusted advisor service to your current offerings. Or better yet, create a separate trusted advisor program. Position it as a high-value, strategic partnership.
  • Invest in a High-Quality Brand Image

    If you’re ready to take your place as an advisor to the C-Suite, you need your brand messaging and image to reflect that you belong there. Stock photos, methodology-centric websites, and jargon-filled messages won’t get you there. You need a website that establishes your credibility at first glance.
  • Hone Your Think Partnership Skills

    Continuously improve your expert questioning, framing and empathy, influence, and system/strategic thinking skills. These are critical to becoming an effective executive advisor. Take my free assessment to determine your executive advisory strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Shape Thinking from the Start

    Don’t just say yes to whatever a client asks. From the first interaction, position yourself as a peer and strategic partner. Challenge their thinking and provide insights that help them see the bigger picture.

Take Action Now

If you need help crafting a brand image and messages and other business development strategies that will get you seen, leveraged and paid as a trusted executive advisor, I’d love to help you. Check out my VIP brand-building and messaging services. I’m the only brand messaging strategist out there with my experience in the consulting and coaching industry.


Playing small and settling for less than your potential serves no one, especially your clients. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Step into your power and transform the way you work with executives. The world needs more purpose-driven, people-centric advisors like you.

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