#16: Framing and Empathy (the Little Known Way to Establishing Consulting Credibility)

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In this week's podcast I want to share with you the one skill, literally the one skill that will transform your consulting practice and your positioning as a strategic business partner within the organization. This one skill - this is the one thing that you need to master to overcome resistance, establish credibility and build buy-in.

This skill isn't project management or writing a business plan.  I call it "Framing and Empathy" which is another way of describing how to create a connection with your client and give him or her the gift of being heard.

Why You Need to Listen To This Week's Podcast

You don't establish credibility with listing your credentials or name-dropping past clients. Instead, you leverage framing and empathy to demonstrate to your client that you get them. You get their challenges and you get why resolving them matters. Armed with this ability you have the platform and position to influence a client to take action on what you know is in their best interest. You have a skill to create consensus in a workshop and a strategy to overcome resistance.

Where You Might Get Stuck

Using this skill might be brand new to you. You may have been taught that consulting is all about the tactics when it reality its all about the relationship. If that's the case, grab my FREE cheat sheet "50 Power Questions to Win Over Your Next High-Paying Client" Here you'll get access to the script you can use to begin mastering this essential consulting technique.

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Remember: People don't care what you know until they know you care. Framing and empathy is the skill that will show them that you don't want to be your client's consultant for the money but because their challenges matter to you.


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