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Bill Lee’s Guide to Turning Consulting and Coaching Clients into Raving Fans (Ep97)

Unsure about how to build long-term client relationships and referral sources to new clients? Here’s what you need to know.

Picture this: All your hard work getting clients has paid off. Not only did you land the work but now this client is working with you time and time again. And even better, they are so excited about working with you that they cannot help but refer you to others!

Sound like a pipedream?

It’s not! Today I have on show Bill Lee. Bill is the founder of the Center of Customer Engagement, which is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes – including Apple and Suburu - grow through customer focus and engagement.

And he is a consulting and coaching entrepreneur who has applied these same principles to grow his own successful business.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • [0:02:23]: How Bill discovered the through line of his passion for customer-centric organizations among his varied career experiences in law, business, construction, manufacturing, government, and the market need in tech
  • [0:05:59]: Why the companies that succeed over time are dedicated to improving customers’ lives (not just making money)
  • [0:09:38]: Why pushing your own agenda actually kills sales and any hope of building a long-term client relationship
  • [0:35:15]: How Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey framework can help you improve your marketing and client results
  • [0:42:46]: What is the net promoter score and how to use it to identify the best referral sources

So, before you stress yourself out wondering how you’re going to get new consulting or coaching clients, listen to this episode with Bill. You’ll discover how you can make the most of your CURRENT client engagements and use your success stories to effortlessly meet your next clients.

Need help dialing into your ideal client and uncovering the unique value you create for them?

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About My Guest:

Bill Lee is the founder of the Center for Customer Engagement, which is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses grow through customer focus and engagement. He's the author of a bunch of books and he's worked with world-class companies like Apple and Subaru and so many more and he's a fan of Campbell's Heroes Journey. You can learn more about Bill at https://centerforcustomerengagement.com/

About Me:

The Enough Already podcast is hosted by Betsy Jordyn. I’m an ex-Disney consultant turned business mentor and brand messaging strategist who helps consulting and coaching business owners clarify their brand messaging and positioning, create a website presence that positions them as sought-after experts, land clients with ease and integrity, and take their place as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. Go to www.betsyjordyn.com to learn more about how I empower consultants and coaches to monetize their best-at-strengths and authentic passions to make a bigger difference in the world.


Show notes and transcript at https://www.betsyjordyn.com/podcasts/enough-already/episodes/2148523091

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