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Chris Hoff’s Guide for Consultants and Coaches Navigating Radical Change (Ep83)

Navigating the murky waters of transition can be an arduous voyage. The fear of the unknown often paralyzes us, causing us to retreat into familiar territories. As your host, I bring you a conversation with Dr. Chris Hoff, a man who boldly ventured into the unknown and emerged with a unique blend of business acumen and psychological insight. Chris, a former technology entrepreneur, shares his enlightening journey of metamorphosis - from a midlife crisis that led him to therapy, to eventually harnessing his experiences into a unique consulting practice.

In our engaging conversation, Chris and I delve deep into the concept of 'liminal space.' First coined by Arnold Van Gennep, it is a fascinating term that captures the transitional phase between what was and what is yet to be. Chris sheds light on our collective discomfort with uncertainty and how coaching and consulting can train us to build resilience during such tricky times. His stories are a testament to the power of embracing change and taking risks, even when the outcomes are not guaranteed.

As the conversation unfolds, we discuss practical strategies for navigating these liminal spaces during significant life changes. We touch upon the importance of conflict resolution within organizations, the role of building relationships in initiating genuine transformations, and how Chris uses his mentoring skills to promote successful change efforts. Whether you are in the thick of a career transition or simply contemplating one, our chat with Dr. Chris Hoff is filled with invaluable insights and actionable advice you don't want to miss!

Where to dive in:

(0:00:00) - Fear of the Unknown in Business (11 Minutes)

Chris shares his journey of going from an entrepreneur running a technology staffing company to a therapist, and then combining his business experience with his psychology background to create a consulting business. We discuss what drew him to the therapy field during his midlife crisis and how he was able to use his business and psychology background to create a unique consulting business. We chat about why fear of the unknown is such a big deal and how to handle it.

(0:10:58) - Liminal Spaces and Transformation (15 Minutes)

Arnold Van Gennep coined the term liminal space, described as a territory between where we were and where we're not quite yet. Humans are not socialized to tolerate uncertainty and it is necessary to build the skills required for transversing liminal space. People often turn back to what is known and familiar when in liminal space and this is often mistaken for self-sabotage. Coaching and consulting can be helpful in making the leap to the possible to know.

(0:25:59) - Embracing Change and Uncertainty (10 Minutes)

Chris shares his journey of taking a leap of faith and how it has worked for him. We examine the idea of being in a known and familiar space, and how it resonates with our internal world. We also explore how fear can be a factor in taking a risky move, and how to scaffold yourself to what might be possible. Finally, we discuss how to pay attention to the milestones of what it might be when transitioning from one career to another.

(0:35:50) - Navigating Liminal Spaces in Change (7 Minutes)

We talk about the importance of recognizing the reasons behind discontent and the need to give family members and others grace in order to catch up. We explore the concept of going slow to go fast when it comes to making big changes, especially when they involve a liminal space. We discuss why evolutionary change principles don't always work when it comes to transformational changes. We also discuss why consultants and coaches are so important in liminal spaces, and why not having a formal place on the org chart can actually be more powerful.

(0:42:32) - Conflict Resolution in Organizations (14 Minutes)

Chris shares his thoughts on how he approaches his mentoring practice and how it can contribute to successful change efforts. The power of relationship in creating real change and how it can help with liminal space is discussed. Finally, how Chris focuses on helping small teams and individuals resolve conflict in order to have wider ripples of change in the world is looked at.

(0:56:48) - Promoting Subscribing to a Podcast (0 Minutes)

We explore how taking a leap of faith can be beneficial for personal growth and how mentoring can help support successful change efforts. We need to recognize the reasons behind discontent and give grace to family members and others in order to catch up. Chris shares his journey of going from an entrepreneur running a technology staffing company to a therapist, and then combining his business experience with his therapeutic practice.

About the guest: Dr. Christ Hoff came to this work because he is passionate about helping individuals become more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives, assisting organizations to meet and surpass their goals, and dissolving conflict between individuals, teams and in organizations in more creative ways. He began his career in sales and sales management with a division of a Fortune 500 company in the aerospace and defense industry. After winning individual and sales management awards (highest performance in sales, branch of the year), he went on to co-found Two Roads Professional Resources Inc., a full-service engineering and information technology staffing company, helping to grow the business to eight figures in sales and over 200 employees, he successfully exited the business in January 2010. During this successful run, he was an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award finalist and was twice recognized for excellence in entrepreneurship by the Orange County Business Journal. After his corporate and entrepreneurial success, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a therapist. His formal education includes a Ph.D.. From Loma Linda University in marriage & family therapy, where his concentration was in organizational development and systems consulting. He also received my master’s degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University.

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