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5 Positioning Strategies: Which One is Right for You? (Ep19)

One of the big things on my to-do list this week is finding safe, reliable cars for my daughters, one of whom is leaving for college in a couple of weeks, and the other is graduating. Seriously – what happened to the time?

So I need to figure out what to buy.

I asked around, and I got consistent responses when I said I was looking for safe, reliable, inexpensive cars - Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Nissan Sentra. 

There is a strong link between my problem and the solution (at least my car need, not my empty-nester need).

Everyone mentioning the same safe/reliable/inexpensive cars is the perfect example of powerful brand positioning! As a result, I'm seeking these dealers out; they aren't searching for me.

It's the same thing that happens when there is an association between soft drinks and Coke and Pepsi. Popcorn and movies. Runny noses and Kleenex. Magical family memories and Walt Disney World.

Getting to this kind of perception and outcome is possible for your consulting or coaching business! I know it from my own experience growing my business over the past ten years and helping others do the same.

So today, I'm sharing how I help my clients achieve a strong position and the different ways consultants and coaches can stand out in the crowded consultant and coaching marketplace.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why branding positioning is the key to your success as a consultant and coach
  • How to find your position in the market
  • Five ways consultants and coaches position themselves
  • What you can do right now to evaluate your brand position

Where to dive in:

[2:13] What is brand positioning? How do we create this for ourselves as consultants and coaches? The benefits of finding your positioning.

[5:51] How do you find your position in the market?

[6:38] Popular ways your clients solve problems you should be solving.

[8:13] Five ways consultants and coaches position themselves. Tune in for what might work for you.

[12:39] What is the first step for getting clients to come to you instead of chasing them? Hear the full recap!

[13:33] What can you do right now to improve your positioning? 

Next steps:

  • Everything you do and don't do creates your image: evaluate your website and LinkedIn. Take an objective look at all the potential clients' touch points that inform their impression of you and see what message you're sending. 
  • If you're not sending the message you want and are ready for something more powerful, I want to talk to you. Head on over to www.betsyjordyn.com/schedule to book time with me. 

About Me:  The Enough Already podcast is hosted by Betsy Jordyn. I'm a Brand Positioning Strategist that helps consulting and coaching business owners clarify their brand positioning and messaging, create a website presence that position them as sought-after experts, land clients with ease and integrity and take their place as thought leaders and influencers in their niche. My mission is to help consultants and coaches monetize their best-at strengths and authentic passions to make a bigger difference in the world. Check out my brand strategy, messaging and design services at https://www.betsyjordyn.com


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