Consulting vs. Coaching – What’s Best for You? (Ep8)

I live for a good debate.

Deep dish Chicago pizza or flat New York pizza?

Is Schitt's Creek the best TV show EVER or just okay?

But if we're talking about growing a consulting or coaching business – I don't love the debate around the difference between the two roles. 

Because the reality is – most of us do both. 

So, the real debate is the one that you should be having with yourself: 

Consulting vs. Coaching – which business MODEL should you be building?

Aka, who is going to pay you for your great advice and guidance?

And out of whose budget will they pay you? 

I have been a consultant and a coach. I have had a consulting AND a coaching business, and I can tell you this – your answer to this question has HUGE implications on the strategies you'll need to master to monetize that great advice and guidance. 

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  • The unique ways consultants and coaches make a difference with individuals and companies, even if they don't have a formal position on the org chart
  • The main marketing and sales pressure points between B2B and B2C business models
  • Specific examples of how these business model decisions affect the strategies my clients use to grow their impact and income

Where to dive in:

[5:00] Are consultants or coaches advisers? What is the real difference, and who benefits? Learn more about who is hiring you and what value they are looking for so you can position yourself properly.

[9:02] What is a coaching business? Learn how you're paid and the associated business model.

[11:07] Learn more about the overlap between consulting and coaching. What do you lead with to form a profitable business? How do you focus your marketing and services?

[12:19] Is there more money to be made in consulting? How does the engagement work between consultants and organizations? Why should you master your sales and contract skill and learn how to play in the political system? Learn how to maximize your sale and impact.

[16:34] What are the challenges of a coaching business? What is super important for this business model? How do you stay out of the paid-by-the-hour trap?

[18:56] How do you want to get paid, and who do you want to impact? This will help you decide your business model. Hear why it's so important.

Next steps:

Clarity equals power. When you can see what you need to do, you can act.  

  1. Decide on your business model. Don't let money fears make the decision for you.
  2. Book a free strategy session. We are dead serious when we say we customize processes to you.
  3. Tune in next week to hear about the big shift.

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