4 Types of Consulting & Coaching Business Models (Ep7)

What are the different ways that consultants and coaches launch their businesses and get clients?

Listen to today's episode for my new series on Getting Started in Consulting/Coaching to discover why the business model you choose will determine how to prioritize your time, money, and focus. In addition, it will define the results and lifestyle you create over the long term.

I share the differences between these models, the upsides and downsides of each model and who each model works best for.

I'll also reveal why it's so common for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to accidentally recreate their career through their business and wind up going from invoice to invoice vs. experiencing the full benefits of business ownership and how to fix it.

Where to dive in:

[3:36] Are you not ready to truly branch out on your own? The business model is great for those who are looking for mentoring and learning experiences. Hear about the pros, cons, and traps of this business model choice.

[7:57] Do you have a strong network and an excellent professional reputation? This model is often used by people who've built up a strong "Rolodex." Hear about why professionals eventually hit a wall with this model.

[10:57] Are you ready to dive into marketing, sales, and scalability? Do you want the control and freedom that business ownership offers? Hear about what it takes to commit to this business model. You'll also learn why so many consultants and coaches hesitate to transition into this approach.

[17:11] Are you a highly seasoned professional or a creative idea person? This business model is for industry-shaping idea professionals. This model is typically chosen by professionals who create shifts in perceptions or share their own stories to invite people into transformation. Hear about the fears and upsides of operating this model.

Three next steps:

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